Healer Baskar's Advice on curing PCOS

Discussion in 'Fertility & Trying to Conceive' started by Love84, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Hi friends,

    Hope you are doing great. I have been suffering from PCOS ever since 2007 so no treatment had been successful on me . I am still awaiting the blessing of a child in my life . You should all probably heard about healer baskar who is the founder of anatomic theraphy. You can watch his videos in You-tube . He believes in self healing of body without medicines. he wants to eat properly only when we are hungry, drink water only when we are thirsty and eat by chewing the food.

    I wrote a mail asking him about my a cure to PCOS. He told me to intake Malai-vembu and kalarchikai which is available in Naatu marundhu kadai in india which can holistically cure without side effects.

    I have started taking both these. I am not sure whether we can eat these herbs. i really want people to be aware of these herbs. maybe you can google and find information about these herbs we can discuss it over here.

    he asked me to take Malai vembu for 48 days morning and at night and Kalarchikai for 3 months both to be taken from 3 rd day of periods.He says both these herbs can remove the cystic ovaries and clots in uterus. he also asked me to take raw coconut in the morning everyday and fenugreek powder in the night

    Please be advised these havent been tested yet.This is just for information for ladies like who hover for some remedy from the PCOS

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    Dear Love84,

    Thanks for the useful inputs. Hope you soon succeed in this TTC journey . Good luck dear

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