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Hatred-Equally Binding

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Ramvenks, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Ramvenks

    Ramvenks New IL'ite

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    Hatred-Equally Binding

    Yes We all knowLove is a binding force make one cling to people or things hence we become attached which in turn leads you to binding-Samsara and probably to misery too once we lose the loved ones.

    So going through philosophy –vedantha we think that we should be detached and not too much get involved.

    But do we knowthat hatred is equally binding and make you cling to people more than Love.Atleast we might forget the loved ones sometimes.But once you start hating somebody you never forget them and all the time youdraw them to your memory You are filled with them.

    In Mythology we hear about Hiranyakasipu,Sisupalan etc who were constantly thinking of Lord by hating Him thus were close to him. Actually Hiranyakasipu could not find Lord Vishnu anywhere outside because he was constantly thinking of Him and hence the Lord was in his own heart!

    The theory ofpair of opposites is very true

    Love x Hate both are harmful, binding, makes you miserable.

    Hate is muchmore powerful than Love.

    So when we donot like anything or anybody better not think about it Shelve it completely from your thoughts.

    Do not build a wall of a brick. That wall will make you stumble against it and not allow you to progress.

    It is ultimately we that will be ruined.


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