Hands-on BAKING CLASSES in Abu Dhabi !!!

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    Hello Ladies,
    I am Nischitha and I stay in TCA. Off Late, I have developed a lot of passion and interest into baking and have explored, discovered different varieties and types cakes, icing/frosting on cakes, cookies, puddings, deserts etc from several websites, videos and innumerable cookbooks!! I have also learned different techniques/methods of cake baking, fruitful tried and tested methods for a happy cake outcome :)
    So, I am planning to conduct a small hands-on baking workshop at my home for all the ladies out there in AD who don't know anything about baking and have immense interest in making their own cakes, cookies etc from scratch!!! You know self baking will always bring you that content and satisfaction when your family and loved ones taste them and appreciate it. Do you think u get this credit when you buy a loaf of banana cake from a shop ??????? Hmmmm :) :)
    This baking class will out throw some very basic tips, demos & instructions on types of baking tins, measuring tools, prior and post pre-requisites for a successful baking, everything u need to know before/after baking followed by baking a basic sponge/fruit cake. :)
    So, Now there you go ladies!!! How many of you would be curious to learn and bake???? How many of you would love to enrol?? Please reply to this thread with your name and say "I m Interested ! Thumbs up !!", I will send you a private message with my venue and contact details. :) Cheers and take care !
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