Hair Raising Humour

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    While cutting hair, the Barber asked the Minister :-
    "Sir, What is this Swiss Bank issue ?”
    Minister shouted,
    “Are you cutting my hair or conducting an inquiry ?”
    Barber said:
    Sorry Sir, I just asked.
    Next day, while cutting the hair, he asked the Senior Minister:
    “Sir, what is this Black money issue ?’’
    Minister shouted-
    ’Why did you ask me this question ?’’
    Barber said:
    ‘’Sorry Sir, I just simply asked you’’
    Next day, the CBI interrogated the Barber
    CBI Officer -
    ‘’Are you an agent of Pakistan ?’’
    Barber: No Sir.
    CBI: Are you an Agent of any opposition party ?
    Barber: No Sir.
    CBI: Are you an anti-National ?
    Barber: For God's sake, No Sir. I am just an innocent and a simple Barber.
    CBI : Then, while cutting the hair, why did you ask these VIP's about Swiss Bank & Black money issues ?
    Sir, I do not know why, but whenever I ask them about Swiss Bank (or) Black money, their hairs stand up straight; & that helps me to cut the hair easily. That’s why I keep asking.
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