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Gurukula System

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. jayasala42

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    The first school in England was opened in the year 1811.At that time India had 732000 Gurukuls.Find out how our Gurukuls in India were closed.How did Gurukul learning end?Do you know what they taught in gurukuls? It is not simple
    veda recitation.

    Most Gurukuls taught the following subjects.

    01.Agni vidya( Metallurgy)
    02.Vayu vidya( wind)
    03.Jal Vidya( water)
    04.Antriksh vidya( space science)
    05.Prithvi vidya( environmental science)
    06.surya vidya(solar sudy)
    07.Chandra vidya( lunar study)
    08.megh vidya( weather forecast)
    09.Dhatu urja vidya ( Battery energy)
    10.Din aur raath vidya
    11.Srishti vidya( space research)
    12.Khagol vigyan(Astronomy)
    13.Bhugol vidya(Geography)
    14.Kaal vidya( Study of Time)
    15.Bhugarb Vidya( Geology and Mining)
    16.Gems and metals(Gems and metals)
    17.Aakarshan vidya ( Study about Gravity)
    18.Prakash Vidya( Energy Studies)
    19.sanchaar vidya( communication)
    20.vimaan vidya ( study of aircrafts)
    21.Jalayaan vidya( water vessels)
    22.Aagneya astra vidya ( Arms and ammunitions)
    23.Jeeva vigyan(Biology,zoology and Botany)
    24.Yagna Vidya ( material scienc)
    In addition to the above the following professional and technical
    disciplines were also covered.

    25. Vyapar vidya ( commerce)
    26.Krishi Vidya ( Agriculture)
    27.Pashu paalan( Animal Husbandry)
    28.Pakshipaalan( ornithology)
    29.yaan vidya( mechanics)
    30.vaahan( vehicle designing)
    31.Tatankar( Gemmology)
    32.kumhaar Vidya( pottery)
    33.Laghu( metallurgy and blachsmithy)
    34.Rang vidya( dyeing)
    35.Rajjukar( logistics)
    38.Vaahan Vidya( driving)
    39.Waterways Management
    40.Indicators( Data Entry)
    41.Gayshala( Animal Husbandry)
    42.Baagvaani( Horticulture)
    43.Vana Vidya( Forestry)
    44.sahayogee( para medical)

    All these things were taught in Gurukul,But when Gurukul disappeared,this
    knowledge also was made to disappear by the Britishers.
    It started with Macaulay.
    How did Gurukula disappear?
    Indian Educational act was passed in 1835 and revised in 1858.It was
    drafted by 'Lord Macaulay'.
    He conducted a survey of education system.While many Britishers had give reports.
    Luther who surveyed Utta Bharath certified that there was 97% literacy .Munroe who surveyed South wrote that there was 100% literacy.
    Macaulay clearly stated"if India is to enslaved,its indigenous and cultural education system should be scrapped completely and replaced with English Education.Then and only then,Indians will be physically Indians and mentally English."

    " When they leave the convents, they will work for the British".
    Macaulay said" Just as a farm is thoroughly ploughed before planting a crop,the existing system should be completely abolished before bringing in English"
    He was right. He knew the brain behind.His assessment was 100% correct.He was not only intelligent but street smart!
    Gurukula was made illegal, Sanskrit study was made illegal.He set the Gurukuls on fire, captivated the teachers and imprisoned them.Gurukuls were totally abolished and
    the first convent school was opened in Calcutta.
    Under the Law calcutta, Bombay and Madras Universities were created and are still functioning!
    Here is the letter written by Macaulay to his father"These convent schools will bring out children with English brain.They wont have any idea about their own culture and traditions.Even if the British leave the country,English will never leave"
    See the misery created herein.We feel inferior of ourselves,ashamed to speak our own language.
    A society which is cut off from mother tongue,can never flourish and this was Macaulay's strategy.Today's youth know more about Europe and US than about India.and consider Indian culture not so cool,and imitate Westerners,
    What a pity! We send our children to US for higher studies. Even after 75 years of independence, nothing seems to work. It is easy to dismantle and destroy. Resurrection takes hundreds of years.The tradition that was built strongly for thousands of years has been shattered within hundred years.The broken edifice cannot be rebulit easily.
    That requires strong will and determination from the public and the Government.
    When every one is for temporary gain,the efforts of a few to change the mentality, the activities of yoga institutes and meditation techniques can benefit only a few.

    Is there any way out? Can we reclaim our tradition and heritage?Is it crying over spoilt milk?
    Jayasala 42

  2. sln

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    Demolishing the Gurukul system was a calculated move to keep us subservient to the English and demolish the scientific acumen inculcated in the Gurukul system. Where has that technology which enabled build the Tanjore temple gone? No doubt learning and practicing English has opened the entire world to us but it is necessary to preserve the ancient texts and spread awareness of our great past to the children. Thank God our main religion has withstood the onslaught and is in the process of revival
  3. Hopikrishnan

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    This naturally sounds like a dog-whistle to rouse up those Hindi-for-India fanatics.

    The 1985 act stopped the support of the British to the traditional schools of the Hindu's and Muslims. And instead funded the English education of a small number of natives, who can then either work for the Indian civil service, or go and spread that manner of education to the rest of the population.

    This preferential funding of one language or system over others is currently being practiced in India in the preferential higher funding for Hindi. While using Macaulay as a whipping doll, the methods of a colonial government are being implemented in the current day.
  4. Thyagarajan

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