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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by anika987, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. anika987

    anika987 IL Hall of Fame

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    I am learning to be grateful these days..

    I do feel little off sometimes.. despite everything going on fine in life....always seem to have grass is greener on the other side syndrome.Social media like facebook, Instagram, movies or anything else we see does not make one feel better.

    For me..Instagram used to be therapy. Infact, believe it or not..I used to genuinely get excited when I see happy pictures and it made me feel good.However..I started to slowly get the feeling of missing out on something.

    It does feel good to be around friends and family sharing laughter, food and fun right?Feels excellent and I have my shared of wonderful memories too.. However, these days my reality with people in my life is different.It is tough to accept the reality that family and friends can change.

    Anyways, today the weather is quite gloomy and I felt lonely.it has been two years since I saw my mom and I miss her so much.I teared up.I miss her so very much and waiting to catch the next flight to go and spend time with her.

    I miss my good friends who moved away to a different state.It is not like college days anymore where proximity is more with people around.The amount of effort it takes to make friendships after a certain age is tiring.

    I miss those little kids (mostly boys in my community)who used to come home and play with my DD.They do not come no more.They made a boys gang.

    It is so quiet.

    I again started to miss India..what if syndrome started..

    Then suddenly it hit me..what am I even complaining about?

    I have a good family, nice home, good food, movies to watch, novels to read, spirituality,I have my hobbies to pursue, this covid will end and soon I will meet my family, more acquaintances if not friends to meet,DD will sooner or later make new friends once she starts school, started their activity classes...so much to look forward to!

    Maybe have a wonderful vacation very soon..sounds dreamy!

    Suddenly feeling better!:)

    This mind is a trickster! Everyone of us has so many things to look forward to! so many hobbies to pursue!

    Why live in a small shell worried about not have friends and feeling lonely? Everything will come at the right time.If not also,it is okay.Nothing is going to happen.We will still be fine wherever we are.

    Just need to switch our viewpoints of the situation.I am trying it these days and it is working better.

    Instead of cribbing..practicing Gratitude.

    Trying to bring in lot more positive energy in my life.



  2. Asw

    Asw Silver IL'ite

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  3. Hopikrishnan

    Hopikrishnan Gold IL'ite

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    Heck... crib all you want. When you have the free time, and the luxury to crib, why stop.
    People would come by, and see you crib, and feel jealous. And point out that you are cribbing. Have a laugh at their expense. Go on.. and laugh, and crib some more.

    unfortunately the game needs two to play:
    Cribbage - Wikipedia
  4. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    This is two minds in one head speaking. That is Anika vs her Alter Ego. You were dubious skeptical and your alter ego gave convincing reply. Nothing to be added to that. Yhere is nothing controversial. It could be for a while introvert and next moment extrovert. Mind is monkey. It can't stay put. You began like a pessimist and ended in optimism. Hope is good. Hope be and is positive. Sometime too much of everything cause saturation of happiness. Law of diminishing utility applies. Yes distance green lend enchantment to view.
    Yes yes it needs two to tango or waltz.
    Thanks and regards.
    God bless.

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