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Good Living

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka Raghavan, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. kanaka Raghavan

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    Whatever will be will be ,que sera que sera.How you react and handle things that come your way.
    1.Look good feel good-It is important to have a positive image.Look good feel good.So each day try to spend some time on you ''beuty regimen .It is essential.Also try to forget hurts and let go hard feelings.
    2.Nurture your passion-Nurturing your passion is important.It brews happinessand spreads the cheer around which in turn contributes to self development.If you have a talent take time out for it.
    3.Live for yourself-Spend some quiet time alone and learn to be independent.It does not mean that you are alone,it is just being comfortable with yourself.Also value yourself you will be surprised at what you are capable of doing.
    4.Reach out-Even if you have had a bad experience with a friend,it does not make sense to shut off humanity.Having a support system around is very important.Nurture a healthy social life ,but know where to draw the line.
    5.Find your inner strength-It is only in a crisis that you realise your inner strength.Do whatever you need to dip your inner reserves.Keep in mind that 'This too will pass'is not just a truism.
    6.Live life king size-Every one needs to save wisely but be equally serious about the factoring in the good times at the right time.Remember there is no point in telling a child you must not have chocolates because his teeth will go bad ,he will not want have one when he becomes an adult.Similarly,as an adult there is no point in saving up for that grand world tour when you retire,at 60 plus you may not feel like haring around the world.
    7.Learn to let go-Nurture the art of letting go_Often we fear we may lose the person or that we are not doing our duty.In fact,you are doing your dutyto the other person by giving the person his or her space.And to yourself by setting yourself free of hassle.
    8.Count your blessings-It is simple matter of learning to appreciate what you have.Put the negatives into perspective in the context of your whole life.And chances are you will see how micro they are,even if they do impact your life.Forever think of concrete things you can do to better the situations and know that others may share the same or worse conditions and have handled them in a way that keeps them happy.
    9.Chase your dreams-As the saying goes it is never too late .If you have a dream nurture it visualise it and most important believe in it -it will come true...................

  2. latamurali

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    Hai kamala

    What an excellent writing .....i read each and every line very keenly and also read the post twice.........got very useful tips for GOOD LIVING yaar, really

    Noted all the points, but apt for me is 3,4 and 6

    Thank u very much


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