Good Gynecologists in rajakilpakkam, madambakkam, east tambaram

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    Recently I had my Cutie Pie Delivered Through Natural Birth...From my day1 of Pregnancy,my thought was having my baby journey vaginally although i had very bad lifestyle,I believed I may try most possible way to achieve that,I explored all the chennai doctors who will encourage for Normal and found dr.Sudha of NEW LIFE HOSPITAL

    At 37 week,I had my labour pain started where my little one passed meconium and situation became worst as he may be expected to swallow the same..
    We know this is a emergency and no scope to have normal birth but my doctor Mrs.SUDHA was so Brilliant and Analysed the situation wisely without any second thought...she constantly and patiently encouraged me to co-operate .she tried her BEST and finally helped my sweat little Angel to come through Birth Canal,believe me my labour last less than a's all because of Dr.Sudha mam...who is really a Fairy of my life....Let the hospital bloom and get highest position soon...
    Duty doctors nurses and room facility also very very good...if anyone looking for good gynocologist dr.SUDHA mam is best choice...even clinic is crowd,worth every minute and Sudha mam concentrate on each and every one without any difference...

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