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give me back my guitar....

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by sathya, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    the heading sure got me reading. not the first page but just the middle i was curious maybe some singer wanted his or her guitar back. but there were small stories of times old old and old. the ant and the grass hopper the hare and tortoise. just about seven such stories that we already know. but these stories are are told in a slightly different way just changed a wee bit with an exchange of question and answers in the end by the author his wife and daughter.
    whats so new, you might ask... the morals carry messages for elders too
    eg.many of us are grasshoppers leading ant lives ... in this story the grasshopper keeps stringing his guitar to find himself foodless. then decides to be like the ant working night and day collecting food.. now he has foot aplenty but is not happy doing it. so he decides to sing to the ants while they work and in return they give a share of their food. good idea .....and thats what the author says ``why the wise and successful need not struggle...!!!''
    seven stories: alladin and genie, ant and grasshopper, who will bell the cat, hare and tortoise, arjuna the great , kind midas touch, direct talk
    i liked arjuna the great best although the grasshopper got my `sabash'
    in arjuna the usual story about how he concentrated on the eye of the bird when others concentrated on the surrounding.

    the arrow covers maximum distance when the string is pulled back to its maximum point while the bow is still...because it is the stored energy in the bow that decides how far the arrow will go
    the whole process of execution has its root in a desire. desire to action and converted to accomplishment.
    so the desire needs to store abundant energy . we need to first ensure that there is abundant energy stored in our desire and only then should we release it...
    in other words act or execute only when the desire is powerful
    the desire a thought needs energy to be fulfilled
    a normal person has 60,000 thoughts a day his desire also a thought gets totally lost in the pool of 60,000
    and each 60000 consumes energy ...even abundant energy will be wasted feeding small thoughts. and a single desire does not get enough energy so a weak action cannot lead to accomplishment.
    there is only one way
    drastically reduce the number of thoughts...!
    over practice
    reduce thoughts to one
    store unlimited energy in it
    when the thought is released
    action will be swift and effortless
    accomplishment will be instant...!
    positive thinking has no benefits only powerful thinking has...!
    i loved the stories and wisdom..
    all i need to know i learnt in the kindergarten......robert fulgham...


  2. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi sathya,
    Looks like new wine in old bottle.. rather than old wine in new bottle...

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