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girl child thrown from 3rd floor trying to survive

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    girl child left in a cloth jhoola to die

    Araro ariraro araro ararao…let me sing this lullaby to the child trying to survive the fall from the third floor. To day the news says a female child tied to a tree in a cloth jhoola with some water and milk bottle. the mosquitoes have bitten all over leaving it dehydrated, time how long unknown. What have been our contribution to this world, we are like the mother earth, taking all the fury in stride only to provide something good in return.

    There is a saying in tamil samathi ponney pethunda[smart lady gave birth to a girl] in those days when the woman were in the house, the girl child came handy from taking care of the kid brother to feeding him putting him to sleep though she herself is in that indulgent age where she can do with a lot of pampering.

    Then the Indian society started concentrating on the boys to save their properties, any amount of government intervention with the equal property right has never changed the attitude of the Indians. Even amidst all this I must laud the men folk of our times who took the trouble of educating the girls making them self reliant, and also contribute to the husband during the low period, sometime taking equal responsibility.

    But alas the ego of the man not able to withstand the brilliance administrative qualities of a woman, which is though burdening, started his tirade of ill treating her trying to put her image down in front of his friends showing himself as the boss, all this came into fore due to his insecurities, that he cannot boss around, so in the process he also stooped down to the level of taking away all her earnings, trying to abuse her physically and mentally, the woman put up with all these like the mother earth.

    Where would the men go if they kill the girls, aren’t there mother in these homes, to guide the sons or correct them, at least don’t kill them give them to people who would cherish them with their life.

    I am indebted to god period, for giving me the time of birth during those days where every child was cherished, with great difficulty my father took care the three of us during our young days, with only one son.

    He used to slog day in and day out till 11pm again get up by 4 in the morning and finish all those ledgers he brought home,[accountant] to feed and educate us, fed us with confidence, always telling u could do it, I know and am confidence that u will come out successful, many a time it made me feel, if dad had that much confidence I must have something in me then.

    Now I have two daughters and both are well educated though me being a single parent I could give them enough courage to handle life’s ups and downs, not break down, the very statement was issued by my son in law to my statement what use am I in this world and what have I achieved …and we would love a grand daughter any day, lord must know whom to deliver, the precious ones ….regards sunkan
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  2. Arunarc

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    Re: girl child left in a cloth jhoola to die

    Hello Sunkan
    Nice article on girl child. Even today you do find some such people who think a girl is a burden to them and kill them at the time of their birth which is really cruel.
    I feel no boy or a girl is different in today's life. Girls are equally smarter then the male, given an opportunity they can conquer the 3 worlds too...
    I can give an example of my own grand father who is no more today, during that time of 50's or 60's he saw to it that all his daughters get good education. Which i feel proud of all my athya's who are graduates. Only 1 among them just did her 10th. out of 5 of them.
  3. esbanu

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    Nice article about girl child.. my dad's income had raised after me and my sis's birth...

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