Ghiya Kheer

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    Ghiya Kheer - Putting Gourd to creative Use

    Serving : 6
    2 Litres Full Cream Milk
    500 g Bottle Gourd (Ghiya or Lauki)
    250 Grams Sugar
    1 tbsp Rose Water
    1 silver leaf
    To Garnish :
    6 green Cardamoms, peeled and powdered
    25 gms Almonds , cut into halves.
    25 Gms. raisins

    Boil Milk in a Kadai for 15 Min. (Low Flame), stirring it occasionally.
    In the meantime, wash peel a tender bottle gourd.
    Grate It.
    Boil for 15 minutes with half a cup of Water
    Remove it and Squeeze out the water.
    Add lauki/ghiya to the milk that is already cooking in the kadai.
    Cook the mixture till the milk is reduced to half of the original quantity.
    Add sugar and raisins and cook for 5 mins.
    Set aside and allow it to cool.
    Add some vanilla essence or rose water and stir it.
    Garnish it with Cardomom Powder, Raisins and almond

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