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Getting Whole Wheat Bread In India ?

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by startinganew, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. startinganew

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    In our family we want to use bread once a week or so for breakfast so as to save time spent in the kitchen.

    Growing up here a decade ago - we hadn't even heard of bread called 'brown bread'. Bread meant white milky sweet bread. But now we know how bad Maida or refined wheat is for us and want to avoid it - Especially since my parents are taking medications for BP, cholesterol and diabetes.

    Recently I visited a supermarket chain in Chennai called More supermarket and was so disheartened to find what is being sold under schemingly healthy sounding names:

    In addition to white bread the More brand bread had 4 types

    Whole wheat bread
    Atta bread
    Multigrain bread
    Brown bread

    All of these breads are made with Maida!
    Brown bread had zero percent whole wheat.
    Atta bread had 4 percent whole wheat and the most of the remaining 96 percent is maida!
    Whole wheat bread had only 13 percent whole wheat!

    So many are unknowingly buying these healthy sounding breads and being cheated in the process.

    Ofcourse with a genetic predisposition to these chronic illnesses we are making the situation so much worse for everyone.

    I have lots of questions:
    - what is your experience of getting whole grain products specially whole wheat bread in your city or town in India? In Chennai are there brands or bakeries I can check?

    - what is a good way to bring visibility to this product/chain to the people?

    - other than a call to the customer service number of the More brand - can anything else useful be done by me?

    If any one is curious I am happy to post pictures of the ingredients list for each of these bread types.

  2. Afresh

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    Hey just googled to find this on quora
    Maybe you'll get some information here

    Some brand analysis has been done..please find an extract below :

    I did some research on the ingredients written at the back of these breads available in any grocery store near you. I’ll share in a minute, details about which all breads of which brand contains how much maida and atta. Before that, let me share some basic information about these:

    Maida vs Atta

    Flour is essentially made up of ground grains of wheat. A wheat grain is made up of three parts - bran (which is packed with fibre), the endosperm (largest part of the seed which contains mainly starch) and the germ (nutrient-rich embryo of the seed). Atta and Maida are distinguished by the components of the wheat seed that they contain. Just remember,
    Maida = Wheat Flour or White Flour
    Atta = Whole Wheat Flour

    Maida/White Flour is made up of only the endosperm part of the grain, during processing of this flour, the germ and bran are removed which essentially eliminates many of the grain's nutrients and fibre content. In addition, maida is often bleached using chemical whitening agents, which helps improve shelf life.

    Atta/Whole Wheat Flour is made up of the bran, endosperm and the germ of the grain, giving it a slightly darker color and contains essential nutrients. It is often stone milled to preserve the germ and bran, which decreases its shelf life, making it more expensive to manufacture and consume.

    Now, let me share the amount of Whole Wheat Flour present as ingredients in three of the most popular bread companies here namely, Harvest, Britannia, and English Oven, which generally gets unnoticed by almost all of us.

    1. Brown Bread: 53%
    2. Atta Bread: 33%
    3. 100% Whole Wheat Bread: 39%

    1. Brown Bread: 32%
    2. Atta Bread: 32%
    3. 100% Whole Wheat Bread: 62%

    English Oven:-
    1. Brown Bread: 5%
    2. Atta Bread: 52%
    3. 100% Whole Wheat Bread: 51%

    According to the information and data I shared above, we can see that Britannia’s 100% Whole Wheat Bread contains the maximum Whole Wheat Flour content as compared to any other bread of same or different brands.
    I would suggest you that the name of the breads is not something you should go for before buying them, but rather check the ingredients at the back of it first, since different brands have marketed the products differently.

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