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Getting a school in Musafah for my daughter 5year old 2006 January born

Discussion in 'Schools/Playgroups/Daycares in Abu Dhabi' started by mousumimm, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. mousumimm

    mousumimm New IL'ite

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    i am going to Abu dhabi after 2 month.The problem is my hubby is not able to find a school for her she will join in UKG,We are planning to settle in MUSSAFAH,we have hope with only EFIS.All other school admission process for this academic year is closed.We have already tried sunrise,indian model school,bhartiya bidhya bhawan n cambridge.please advise,inside city rent is too high which we cant afford.In other schools how one can know that admison process has begun?

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