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Geography And Human Relationship

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    My studies in Geography stopped with Std1x .Geography classes ,specially world Geography had no attraction for me.We were very much hesitant to draw maps, curved lines for rivers and brown cones for hills and mounts.I had a sigh of relief in X andX1 since we had only history mostly.
    After 60,when we were given an opportunity to travel abroad more than 10 times, my attention turned towards Geography especially when we had a tour of European nations.
    We were totally amazed and astonished to see mother Nature in her best.
    On many occasions I used to feel proud of Mother Nature,how she is impartial to her creations! how she maintains balance by creating floods,cyclones,tsunamis and the like !
    She has so many children around the world! Is it self made harmony or does she take special attention to some ,leave out others?
    Among human beings sibling jealousy is the common behaviour problem.Even if you buy two toys of the same colour the siblings fight for one and the same toy.We have to concentrate on so much of psychological tension before the children become adults.
    I used to wonder whether Mother nature does not face any such problem at all. Is she impartial?

    During school days I have heard of
    the Dead Sea.Actually it is a lake and not a sea.It is so high in salt content that you can almost lie down and read a book.The salt is nearly 35%,almost 10 times of the water in an ocean.
    Such a massive volume salt! It means there is no life at all-no fish,no sea animals no vegetarian.Nothing lives here.Hence the name Dead Sea.

    Just north of Dead Sea is another sea called Galilee.Both the seas receive their water from the river Jordon.Yet see,how different they are!
    unlike the Dead Sea,the sea of Galilee is very pretty,resplendent with rich,colourful marine life and vegetation.numerous plants are there.It is a home for varieties of fish.
    Same region,same source of water and one is full of life and another is Dead.Reminded of one brilliant child well behaved and the sibling, a dunce and misbehaved,though both are brought up by same mother.

    What is the reason?The river Jordonflows into the sea of Galilee and then flows out.This flow keeps the sea healthy and vibrant,brimming with marine creations.
    But the Dead Sea is far below the Sea Level, and it has no outlet.The water flows in but never flows out.Since there are no outlet streams,nearly 7 million tons of water simply evaporate daily leaving the salt.This too much of salt and minerals make it impossible for living beings to sustain.
    In common man's parlance The Dead Sea takes water from the river,just holds it and does not give out.Result?No life.

    Life is not about getting.It is about giving also.Human beings necessarily should be like the Sea of Galilee.We are fortunate to have wealth,knowledge ,love and respect.But if we don't learn to give, we would end up like Dead Sea.Wealth and knowledge will evaporate like the water in Dead Sea.Merely taking in of more wealth and knowledge may lead to disaster.

    It is a great idea to have outlets in our sea of life.Please ensure that you don't just get,but give too.definitely flood gates of happiness will get opened.
    We may wonder why mother nature is so impartial to make one of her children lifeless.Doesn't she know the outcome?Is she not sad to see her offspring dead? This is a lesson to the entire humanity.She is sacrificing her offspring to be a great Guru to the entire humanity!It is a motherly sacrifice so that the humanity may benefit.What a great lesson she has taught!


  2. HariLakhera

    HariLakhera Platinum IL'ite

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    Nature is magical and has so many surprises in store for us. I come from North Indian Hills and see waves and tides were as foreign to me as snow clad hills and mountains for those living on sea coasts.
    During our Europe trip we came across snow clad mountains in Switzerland and how they could harness them for turism. In Singapore and Thailand and many other countries ocean lines have their own charm.
    We have north and south poles and then hot African lands.
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  3. Hopikrishnan

    Hopikrishnan Gold IL'ite

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    Just goes to show how we may draw whatever conclusions we want to....
    "We may wonder why mother nature is so impartial to make one of her children lifeless.Doesn't she know the outcome?Is she not sad to see her offspring dead? This is a lesson to the entire humanity.She is sacrificing her offspring to be a great Guru to the entire humanity!It is a motherly sacrifice so that the humanity may benefit.What a great lesson she has taught!"
    :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:Brother of Mother Nature is called Uncle Odd.

    OP should opine why most deep sea water isn't salty at all.
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  4. Balajee

    Balajee IL Hall of Fame

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    "There's no history without chaps and no geography without maps" said a wise guy. While I had no objection to chaps, maps are an altogether different matter. If I had put up my maps as abstract drawings in an exhibition, they would have fetched a good sum but unfortunately, my stubborn teachers refused to recognize them as maps. In physical geography not just maps we had to draw something called contours. My contours looked like cartoons. It is more than a great idea to have culture in our life, culture is an inevitable part of life.
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  5. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    What a beautiful analogy from black sea or Dead Sea. It has flown covering entire gamut of human emotions in a way. Kudosto madam sister @jayasala42

    Let lake be a lake. It is never dead and it is not sea at all. Layers of water with different or no oxygen content reported to be the cause of darkness and in layers without oxygen naturally no species can survive. OK This is something you do with geo.

    River waters when it continuously flows, it’s banks are rich and near by areas prosper with greeneries. When it stagnates, it turns to be lake and easily get polluted. Using this analogy, it is concluded that more things flows out of our hands more might get into us. But then we know human is generally and greatly selfish. Mother Nature is not. Bounty is her nature.

    Plants exude scents. Scents washed in rain, flows into soil which in turn gets enriched only to help growth of plants. There is a continuous flow all across Nature that keeps Earth hospitable for humans. Same way if only kindness & love flows from humans to brethren, the entire humanity would remain at peace.
    Thanks and Regards.

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