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Genius Babies In Pipeline

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Thyagarajan, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello: GENIUS BABIES IN PIPELINE :hello:

    Madam sister @jayasala42 in a post in EP & G forum, narrated the plight of tambrams parents whose ward while studying in foreign university developed love for Jewish class-mate & questioned is it necessary to have IQ 140 & above. Reviewing of That thread triggered me to look for common traits in Jewish community especially among their “women in family way” which other women of the world can emulate.

    One would wonder, why large businesses both national and international across the world are owned by Jewish community. Big businesses such as LEVIS, LENIS DONKEN, STARBUCKS, DELL, COCO COLA , DKNY CACHE , Hollywood Films industry are all held by Jews. Among races in the world, geniuses and Nobel laureates are far more among Jews. They kept the World delighted and in awe with their clean intelligent operations in various businesses including rescue of hijacked plane of tel Aviv passengers in Operation Entebbe at and from Uganda Airport conceived and executed by Mossad intelligence agency of Israel.

    Often the champions in Olympic Games are easily from Jewish community. Swimming champion Mark Spitz family is Jewish.

    The basic and intrinsic reason for the Jewish race awesome deeds seemed to lie in their traditional practices and certain habits during pregnancy and after.

    When mother carrying a Jewish baby in her womb, during entire period of pregnancy she was regularly follow certain regimen strictly with regrad to her diet, practising hobbies, doing maths problems, playing piano and learning music lessons. (Has already been stated in OP of Madam @jayasala42)

    The jewish women consult gynaecologist prior to their conception and three months before they decide to raise family: and are advised the importance of daily dosage a certain quantity of naturally available amino acid from folate rich foods or frolic acid derived from plants and discourage manufactured supplements by pharma industry.

    Jewish pregnant women breakfast would include handful of walnut (as they believe that would help perfect brain development) & Almonds with milk. An hour before main meal, she would have a sumptuous single type fresh cut-fruit. According to them, Fruits following just after meal tend to cause dullness and retards digestion and inhibit absorption of nutrients. This trend would reflect in baby in later years.

    In her lunch she would either avoid or minimise consumption of rice and bread as they tend to make the baby sleepy and dull in class rooms in later years. Daily fish flesh, fillet are part of her daily lunch and supper. She would not have meat and fish together since when combined, they seem to cancel out benefits to body. ( it is pertinent to think of Japanese staple item tuna fish known for its razor sharp speed)

    Her Daily regimen include generous use of consumption of cod liver oil in diet.

    She would daily sing, listen and play piano or violin as often as possible. It is believed that the musical vibrations will stimulate & develop the brain of baby in womb for future sharpness and focus leading to perfect decision making.

    Pregnant women seldom smokes as they consider nicotine extinguishes neurons and impairs DNA and facilitates babies turn later into morons. Nation Israel discourages smoking and cigarettes are taxed heavily. It is over ten times costlier than in Indonesia where majority used to cigarette smoking. Singapore too known for its best governance, innovative practices and cleanliness and best economy, taxes heavily cigarettes.

    From babyhood to teens, Jewish Mothers have upper hand in control over food habits of her children at least till their teens. Schools teach students useful subjects in innovative ways and boys and girls become naturally creative. Their curriculum includes Business maths, science and English .

    Students in group often assigned to projects which throw instant insights & new vistas for design, manufacturing and to market profitably. They are treated “as passed the class “ only if they secure a reasonable profit from the sale of the product they made.

    Every Jew speak atleast three languages because parents began speaking to baby since their infancy in different languages. Every Jew would be at home with Hebrew, Arabic and English.

    During her Pregnancy, woman exposed to Daily dose of laughter session which results in production of useful hormones that includes dopamine and serotonin which are in turn help reduce stress that makes baby in its later years gain better focus and correct decision-making.

    Schools attach great importance to international sports and ensure 100 % participation of school students while training imparted in archery, shooting, swimming and running . These training considered vital for better “mind-brain-body” development and coordination with sharp focus and enhanced attention span and physique.

    Every mother with their wards would visit synagogue, pray as per their strictures. Children are trained right from their impressionable years, to pray and while praying, it is ensured that the head kept nodding vertically Up and down thereby exercising neck and head muscles. This stimulates blood circulation in upper regions of the brain improving alertness and turns person’s circumspect.

    Doctors among Jews are allowed to private practise and interest free loans available from community funds and so pregnant mothers are well taken care of with no corruption or bribing involved. Full term babies naturally delivered.

    Doctors carry CS only in extreme avoidable cases and laws of surrogacy strictly implemented.


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  2. SaiKiran1

    SaiKiran1 Junior IL'ite

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    This is more of a web extract rather penning your own thoughts!

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