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Garlic Helps Is Joint Pains

Discussion in 'Nature Cure' started by aparnaram, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. aparnaram

    aparnaram Gold IL'ite

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    hi all.... i was severely affected with my knee + back pains few weeks backs, does not know what to do.... that time, i got a message in whatsapp stating that - "eating 4 fresh raw garlic clove daily (before bed) for 2 months cures joint pain" ...

    thus i started using it from last week... to my surprise my knee n back pain was reduced like a magic in one day itself.... but still im continuing for 2 months to get out of it permanently.... if you are out of oil items, you will get better results...

    so this is my personal experience, anyone wish to try can try without fear....

    i also got another message stating - mixture of the below ingredients cures most of our health issues...

    * vendayam(Fenugreek Seeds) - 250gms,
    * oomam(Ajwain) - 100gms ,
    * karunjeeragam or soombu(black cumin seeds) - 50gms

    the above items should be heated separately in a pan and grinned together and stored in a glass container.. taking 1 tsp of grinned power with hot water cures most of our health problems..

    have anyone recd that message if so pl share your experience... because i have started taking that power too ;-)

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