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gall bladder removal surgery

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by vijjianand, May 12, 2015.

  1. vijjianand

    vijjianand Junior IL'ite

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    hi all,
    my husband is a diabetic for 15 yrs and a bp patient for 8 yrs. he never disclosed this at the time of marriage. I was cheated and thats a different issue. 4 yrs back he had continous diarrhea and was admitted and treated for colitis.He took a scan and it showed that his gall bladder was not functioning. He is a food aholic and will eat what 2 people will eat. he never bothered about his diabetes as he would say i'm taking insulin and tablets and they'll take care. he is in IT and he 'll never move out of his place. At home it is as if i'm a single parent taking care of my two kids and he'll be always like a guest.
    All these yrs when he had stomach issues he would visit the doc and ask if we need to take a scan.But doc will give medicines and send him. Recently he visited a free gastro camp.They took a scan and found that his gall bladder was severely dysfunctioning at -11.1 per cent. he underwent an emergency gall bladder removal surgery. But now doc says that his liver is not functioning properly and he has to live on with it. Cant say how long it will work.

    Can anyone help me what to do as I badly want him around atleast for 10 yrs for the sake of my kids. I cant give the same life to my kids that they r enjoying today.

    thank you.

  2. SimpleStraight

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    As a Wise Man Said - Life and Death is in God Hands. Please Pray!!!
  3. sokanasanah

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    Hello Vijjianand! You haven't had many responses to your post because this is a rather difficult situation. When an adult refuses to take care of their health, then there is not much one can do. Some people simply refuse to understand the impact of their actions on those around them.

    Diabetes can sometimes lead to liver problems. Your husband seems to have unhealthy habits and a poor understanding of diabetes. Insulin does not 'take care of it'. Steps must be taken to monitor the disease and general health. Diet, and exercise are essential components in controlling the disease. Otherwise the effects can be a cumulative deterioration.

    Your concerns are justified. Please take both your family and his into confidence. Try to see if all of those who care about him can jointly stage some sort of an 'intervention' to help your husband understand the best and worst case scenarios given the situation today. Breaking bad habits is quite difficult even for motivated people. So, this may take a lot of time, patience and effort on your part.

    I hope he comes around and things work out for you!
  4. santhusen8

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    Well all the three problems that you mentioned here , Diabetes hypertension and liver disease are life style problems ,
    and by the way you told his liver problem , if he is not drinking than most likely cause of his liver disease is fatty liver

    Lets talk about each problem separately

    Diabetes is a condition where you don't have sufficient insulin in order to send glucose into tissues and most of the time when you get obese tissues become resistant to insulin and you need more and more of insulin to pump same amount of glucose

    Problems with Diabetes is it can damage big and small blood vessels and nerve

    Damaging big blood vessels like in Heart can cause heart attacks , in brain can cause stroke ( paralysis ) and in legs can cause poor blood supply to the leg

    With poor blood supply to the leg and with nerve damage there is increased risk of foot injuries as you wont have any sensations in the legs and they don't heal well
    so they keep on chopping the leg

    DIABETES Is leading cause of Foot amputation

    Diabetes can cause damage to the small blood vessels in the kidney , eyes and nerves

    With kidney damage , they loose protein in urine and subsequently kidney function declines and further goes into failure

    Out of every 10 dialysis patient 7 patient are in dialysis due to Diabetes induced kidney failure

    Diabetes also damage eye , It is one of the leading cause of Preventable blindness in this word , in eye there is damage to blood vessels which damage eye

    also damage to nerves causes severe pain in hands and foot , nerves that supply gut can cause problems with digestion and constant nausea ( nausea is really bad sensation)
    with loss of nerves they don't feel the pain associated with heart attack and can have silent heart attacks

    How to prevent all this

    loose weight if obese , regular exercise , watch what you eat count carbohydrate
    take regular medications and insulin , try to keep your Hba1c around 7

    Yearly evaluation of Eye , Foot and Kidney

    Hypertension is a life style disease too , with very high blood pressure there is increased risk of bleeding into brain , stroke , Heart attack , kidney failure

    If you loose weight your hypertension tends to be controlled , good exercise is important and regular medications

    Liver disease in your husband , if he is not alcoholic could be from fatty liver , it means that fat in the liver can cause inflammation and ultimately damage the liver

    This condition in medical terminology is called NASH ( non alcoholic steatohepatitis )
    It is taking over Alcohol as leading cause of liver failure and requirement for liver transplantation

    Liver is most import organ in our body , if has lot of function , produce protein , detoxify
    substances , in body metabolism

    some eg of major problems is Less clotting protein can cause problems with blood clotting
    , loose albumin which is another protein can cause blood to seep into tissues instead of blood vessels
    if liver is thickened , blood return to the heart is damaged and all the fluid is accumulated in the belly and belly becomes very huge

    some time in the gut blood vessels become very big and rupture which is dangerous and can cause life threatening bleeding

    All the above problems treatment is Life style changes , watch what you eat , exercise at least 30 min every day for 5 days a week and regularly monitor for complications

    Ask your husband this question

    If this chronic disease kill you , it won't be a problem as you cry for a few days and done
    with that

    What if you turn blind and frequently go to hospital to get your foot chopped slowly part by part until you are left with some part of thigh and sitting in wheel chair
    and than requesting your wife or healthy parents to take you to dialysis for 4 hrs where they take your blood out to purify
    or go to cardiologist frequently to discuss about getting stents in your heart or legs

    or go to GI doctor to remove fluids from your belly or put bands to your swollen blood vessels in your gut to prevent you from dying and leading you to lead life of misery

    or go to Physical therapy to take care of your paralysis

    talk about the amount of financial burden that it would incur on the family and also the society and amount of hard work in part of spouse

    think about the kids who will be left with a crippled dad with out money , working odd jobs to survive
    tell him we don't want a life like that

    Another option would be if you have knowledge with computers i would suggest to make a power point after doing a lot of research in DM and putting up gross picture of
    wounds on the foot , amputation , dialysis , blind , paralysis patient and show it to him
    if any one around is diabetic and trying hard make a group

    It is really sad physician don't spend much time in educating patient in india

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