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Frankenstein -the Monster

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by HariLakhera, Apr 3, 2022.

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    Frankenstein -The Monster

    There is an Indian proverb -judge a whole field of rice by tasting one or two grains. Can this be applied to humans? No. By this logic, if I was robbed in London by a Britisher all Britishers are robbers.

    It is wrong to make general assumptions by testing a small sample. This is one sad reason why statistics can lie.

    The British had a nasty view of Indians. They thought all Indians are fools, liars, lazy, thieves, and litigants. All the ICS officers of that time came to India with this thinking to Administer. They kept a safe distance and used sticks to keep discipline.

    They were thrown out by the same fools, liars, lazy Indians under the guidance of a poorly clad, nonviolent hermit. They returned as wise men.

    With the same logic, no particular community can not be treated as terrorists. Those who have such notions must know how the ILL-Famed terrorist organizations' world over recruit their foot soldiers and how they exploit them and their families. These foot soldiers are the tools in the hands of their masters. The masters need to be nailed not the foot soldiers.

    In the beginning heads of these terrorist, organizations become tools in the hands of politicians but eventually become uncontrollable.

    Remember the story of Frankenstein the monster?

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