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Five Sacred Things

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Sep 20, 2021.

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    Five Sacred Items ..! *

    1. Saliva
    2. Shiva Nirmalyam
    3. Vomiting
    4. A blanket spread over the corpse
    5. Something caused by crow's faeces

    In the Mahabharata, Vedavyasa has mentioned all the above mentioned sacred objects .. !!

    * உச்சிஷ்டம் சிவ நிர்மால்யம் வமனம் ஸவகர்படம் காகவிஷ்டாதே பஞ்சைதே பவித்ராதி மனோஹரா *

    Is there such a thing as this sloka ..? Dirty stuff.

    How could the Vedaviyas have said that these forbidden objects are sacred objects ..?

    All of these five things mentioned are all set aside.
    Translated as it is in Sanskrit, these are objects of hostility. If we look at what is being said and its meaning, not even a drop has anything to do with it ..!

    Veda Vyaasa is considered an incarnation of Mahavishnu as
    per Vishnu Sahasranaamam

    The sounds in the Vedas have at least three meanings. The sloka in the Mahabharata has at least ten meanings. Each name in the Vishnu Sagasranama, which is part of the Mahabharata, has at least a hundred meanings. We see in his history that Ananda Tirtha Bhagavat Patachariyar is showing 100 meanings to the name Visva. At Vigneswarar's request to say as he agreed to the speed of writing, Vigneswarar broke his horn and wrote the Mahabharata at his own pace. Then the scribe puts a compulsion that means to understand and write. But Vigneswaran did not understand the meanings in some places. Because it was said in cryptic languages in some places. That is to say, this sloka was implicitly said to be something. Then Vigneswarar prays and Vedaviyasar clarifies the meaning to him ..!

    Let's look at five sacred objects ..!

    First of all * saliva. *

    The saliva substance is used as an anointing for Sriman Narayanan, Mahalakshmi, the angels and the chief prana.

    That is cow's milk, that is, milk. How to be anointed is given in the ritual. That means it has to be cow’s milk. That too should be a cow with a live calf. (It is better to make Gopuja even for a cow with a calf) And the milk should be skimmed only after the calf has drunk the milk. That is, after the calf is fully drunk, the shastra says that the milk should be milked as it is without wiping the * saliva * (climax) of the cow. Sreeman Narayanan, Mahalakshmi, the angels all accept the milk that flows without spitting. The saliva of the calf is the sacred object for the anointing of the angels. That is what the Vedaviyasar * has said that saliva is the sacred * object.

    Second * Shiva Nirmalyam. *

    Vaishnavism in general does not accept the purity of Shiva. But there is a Shiva Nirmalya that everyone sprinkles on their heads sacredly. That is, the Ganga water that can cure all worldly sins. Shiva wears it on his head. All the Vaishnavas take that Ganga water that comes from his head. * The Tirtha (Ganga water) is accepted as a sacred object. *

    The third sacred object is said to be * vomit *

    How sacred is that.? For the anointing of the angels, * wine, which is said to be medicinal in Ayurveda, is honey. * Thus the bees vomited * Honey is the sacred substance for the anointing of the angels. *

    The fourth is said to be the sacred object * Savakarpadam. *

    I.e. the blanket wrapped over the corpse. How does it touch the corpse and how does it fold? There is a prediction that the day of death is three days and ten days, no matter what kind of person dies. If you look at what it is, the * silk dress * says Vedaviyasar. That is, when the silkworms are in the nest, they take it and put it in boiling water and make a silk cloth from the yarn taken from it. That is, the blanket taken from the top of the corpse is not only a fold but also a favorite Pitambaram of Lord Vishnu. Also deer skin ~ Krishnansana is also a blanket wrapped over the corpse. Deer skin asana is excellent for those who perform japa tapa rituals. This is the * sacred object called the fourth said Savakarpadam. *
    The fifth is said to be the sacred object * Kagavishta. *

    I.e. an object taken from crow's faeces. That is, the * aswatta plant above the temple towers, which grew from the crow's faeces. That is, it grows into a * royal tree *. The royal tree is one of the most important of the deities of Bhagavan. Lord Krishna says in the Gita that the Aswatta tree is the most important of the trees. Because we pray that there is a scorpion of trinity in that aswatta tree. That is the sane Viruksha Raja of the trinity. Ruby Paramatma, who came to Srimushnam, is in the form of that aswatta tree. The Vedas say that the * Aswatta tree itself originated from the faeces of the crow, and is sacred *. * Asvatta Viruksham became sacred * even though it grew from crow's feces *.

    The scribe says that all these are sacred objects. If we look at these superficially we do not understand the meaning. Vedavyaasa has said (secretly) in the Kuhya language. Superficially, it seems to be negative. But if we look inward, the author Vyaasa Bagavan, the incarnation of Mahavishnu, has given a special meaning.

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    Thanks for sharing. Interesting and deep meaning .

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