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Finest Blogs of April 2013

Discussion in 'Finest Blogs of IL' started by Cheeniya, May 2, 2013.

  1. Cheeniya

    Cheeniya Super Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Bloggers
    Can't you see me how hesitant I am to enter this room to make my Blog Winner announcement for April 2013? I can hear the exasperated shout of 'Oh not again!' like that cute young boy who finds all his Jaguar Bathroom Fittings stolen overnight shouting 'Not again!' in the TV ad.

    I understand that the search for new Judge for the selection of the Best Blog every month is still on and I have been asked to hold the fort in the interim. I do like the job of course but I have this fear of your having to see the same face again and again might erode my Face Value! Still I am a soldier who is well aware of the Military Discipline!

    Coming to the point, I have read through every blog posted during the month very carefully. It was amazing to see bloggers like RGS churning out touching stories with mind boggling regularity. There were words of wisdom spelled out by members like prasannaprao for a happy family life. There were heart breaking lamentations about the moral depravity that is facing the country which does not spare even infants.

    Among all such blogs, one blog stands out. It is a kind of introspection that is absolutely essential in today's scenario to be able to differentiate right from the wrong and to understand the subtle difference between moral and ethics.
    bhagyachinu's Desire in reason - Blogs - IndusLadies has been wonderfully woven to make us put ourselves to an acid test to decide if we are human beings or not. I have great pleasure in announcing it as the Finest Blog of April 2013.

    Hearty congratulations, bhagyachinu! Please send your mailing address to contest@indusladies.comto receive your prize.
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