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Fight with spouse - feeling guilty

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by jaskirat, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. jaskirat

    jaskirat New IL'ite

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    hallo guys, i am married for almost 2 years, but we had been fighting about ,every single and small things about what his parents does and all of that . so now it was height of everything and now he started telling whatever i did to him to my parents and today he said that he is going to send his parents back to india. now i am feeling so much guilty about this thing that god knows . we hadnt lived quite happpily in last 2 years , now his parents neither me and my hubby. i am feeling so bad about his parents going to india, that i cannot even explain. i dont know wat to do ladies. and also, if they go to india now, everyone on his side would think u know coz he got married and all that , thats y he had to send his parents back .u know that way its gonna spoil my impression. and also i dont know he would like me anymore or not after they go back to india.

    i am so tensed about it ladies, he said he is not going to change his decisin about it. i hate myself now, i dont know what to do , help me ppl.

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