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Feel Like I’m A Spider Tangled Between Husband And I Laws

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by Goahead, Mar 3, 2024.

  1. Goahead

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    Married for 18 years with a husband who is mammas and sister boy. He feels nothing is wrong with his family and treats them as GOd.
    They on the other hand treat me with no respect, since they know that their son/brother is the one who is controlled well.
    I dnt want to get involved but my Shraavan Kumar husband not just do things himself but also tells me do go overboard with calls and making his mom and sister feel good. He literally said that to me yesterday to keep calling his mom so that she feels good.
    Sister did not even bothered to call me on my bday and here i should be doing whatever it takes to call them and make them happy. Bull ****
    Can’t say any of the stuff to husband unless I’m ready for a huge fight at home.
    He on the other hand has kept no relationship with my side my sister or bil. for his bil he calls immediately and messages h but my sister or bil, he would not even message them if they are sick or anything.
    I’m so done with fights and even my husband. To be honest I hate him for this behavior. The only thing bad between us is this inalws .i have started to hate his sister as well since the inalws and my husband are always doing things for her although t she is 40 year old. My inalws plan to give her more than half of the inheritance so why should I treat her as if she is the so start and girl of the family and shower her with gifts etc. Infact since she’s been taking so much from inalws and we have never taken a single penny she should gift me.
    these are so ma y small things that keep birthing me and the fact that my husband thinks so highly of her. She did. Not even go to see her own mil dying in bed for a year. What kind of a pathetic sil she is and I dnt know why everyone is heads over heels for such a person.

    Because of all this I hate my husband and I have stopped talking or having conversations with him. I stay in my bedroom most of the times and just cook and take care of kids.
    Anyone with experience here : do sinch husbands ever change ?

  2. mangaii

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    @Goahead why do you care about inheritance ?
    You seem to hate your in-laws for no specific reason. Your in-laws have every right to treat their kids differently as long as their kids have no problem with it . Your husband is fine with this arrangement why do you care.
    Girl make money on your own and enjoy your life. Don't depend on wealth from in-laws.
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