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Feedback on Jawahar Vidyalaya Ashok Nagar

Discussion in 'Schools/Playschools/Daycares' started by AnuSash, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. AnuSash

    AnuSash New IL'ite

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    My Son is short listed for Pre-kg admisssion 2011-2012 in Jawahar Vidyalaya Ashok Nagar.

    1. I Would like to know how good the school is in terms of academics and other activities till the higher secondarylevel, is it in par with other CBSE schools?

    2. Does they conduct regular parent-teachers meeting? Do they encourage giving projects and other activities to the children or are they really too bookish kind??

    3. How good are the teachers with the students and with the parents in giving regular updates about the kids? Does the teachers communicate with the students in English or in the local language?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs and Suggestions.

  2. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    I had left a Moderator comment stating that i have merged your previous post on the same query to a existing thread on jawahar vidyalaya. i request you not to open the same topic again.

    i understand the anxiety, and the tension as a parent, but opening new threads is not the solution.

    every year, we have parents posting queries and none of them come back to give a feedback on the school they chose, the reason and how do they feel.

    if even a handful of them do that, they are going to really help out the new set of parents.

    i do wish it does happen.

    i will be merging this post to this thread

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