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Fear Fear Fear !!! Please Help

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by amnilakshmi, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. amnilakshmi

    amnilakshmi Gold IL'ite

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    /hi all,

    I am suffering from loads of fear to do anything and everything. From talking to others to going out.. i am feeling scared. Can someone help me with this emotional problem. I am not sure if meditation will help as i have not tried it. Please share some way to overcome. I went to doc... they gave me a tablet to control anxiety but that doesnt help in the long run

  2. VidyaSuresh

    VidyaSuresh Silver IL'ite

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    Hi amnilakshmi,

    Fears are created by imagination to make reality seem scarier than it is. Instead of thinking something bad that can happen, think of something positive.

    Identify - First put the question to yourself why do you fear and for what reason you fear. From which incident you got this fear or how long you are suffering from this fear. Explores the root of your fear ?
    The fear may come if you are alone, feeling lonely or walking in the lonely place.

    Reading a good book on your specific fear can open new doors on how to get rid of it. Also read a lot of motivational and inspirational work.

    Watching a movie or documentary can be as enlightening as reading a book. Watch some youtube channel on how to overcome fear and there are many motivational speech.

    Say your fear out loud, write it down or focus your mind on it. When you ignore your fear it grows and when you face it, it shrinks.

    Meet your friends and go out with them. Dont be at home of fear and go for a walk in the busy street if you feel scared of calm area.

    Listen to devotional songs and pleasant music to keep your mind relaxed.

    Finally dont allow fear to rule you.

    All humans make mistakes, don't fear of mistakes. If mistake happen correct it and find the cause of mistake but don't repeat the same mistake.

    All the best !
  3. Angela123

    Angela123 Gold IL'ite

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    I am also like you. But changed a lot from last few years, but I have that basic character of being scared to do anything. You can try meditation. However, to get over this, you have to do the thing that you fears.
    For example, you are afraid of going up and talk to a person. Go ahead and start a conversation with him/her. Ask how are you? or something very small. Yes, you will feel scared/embarrassed etc. but think about making that first step. But remember that no ones cares it as much as like you do. People have their businesses, they do not pay attention to you as much as you do. It is always the first step that is difficult. you will make mistakes, but that how you will learn. I am still learning, so please share your experience as well!
  4. malathi0874

    malathi0874 Silver IL'ite

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    Dear friend amnilakshmi,
    Your problem regarding fear is a treatable one. its called panic and anxiety disorder syndrome. if u don't get treatment, u will get palpitations, dizziness, fatigue and agarophobia syndrome.
    consult a MD physician and discuss ur problem, with the physicians guidance, consult a psychiatrist.
    if ur problem is severe , then it can be treated by a psychiatrist only.
    so u decide accordingly, but nothing to worry.
    do brisk walk daily in the morning for 30 mins, do yoga and meditation.
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  5. mangaii

    mangaii Finest Post Winner

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    You need counseling to overcome this. It usually starts with one thing and it gets extended to other things. Please see a medical professional asap
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  6. vidhyalakshmid

    vidhyalakshmid IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Amnilakshmi,
    It is easy to advice to a fearful person, but practically it is hard to follow.
    Focus on your breathing whenever you feel very scary. Try to calm down through
    deep breaths. Meditation surely will help, please try any kind of meditation.
    Remember the expansion of FEAR
    F - False
    E - Evidence
    A - Appearing to be
    R - Real
    Mind plays a greater role in boosting or alleviating the fear. If you resist, it will persist.
    First embrace your fear and accept it, then it is easier to overcome.
    Hope it helps!
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