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Extremely Heavy Periods After Delivery ?

Discussion in 'Gynaecology' started by EagerForInfo, Jul 15, 2021.

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    Got a question here @DDream.
    Does birth control pills regulate the periods to normal level?

    I had irregular periods after my first delivery. I had lots of tests, ultrasound and everything normal. But I had lots of missed period episodes over 4 to 5 years.

    I had a miscarriage which is my second pregnancy in 2018. I had a procedure. Since then my periods are heavy and high flow. But it's been very regular every month. But heavy flow where I need to change pads often.

    I asked my doctor and she said it could be for time being. But didn't change yet.
    I am not on any birth control pills. I will ask about this to my doctor.

    Does bc pills really helps to regulate periods flow? Does it stop the period itself?

    Edit to add:
    I am sorry to ask this question here. I don't have any inputs for your question and I have the same situation.
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  2. DDream

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    You can use panty liners during spotting. No need to predict what's going to happen if you take pills and worry about it as its prescribed by doctor. Try it and see how its going. Or go for second opinion and find out the real reason behind it. Finding a solution to your problem is better than suffering like this. If we think negative all the time, there will be only problems
    Yes. I took it after consulting my family doctor. I had heavy periods. Even after changing pads every 1-2 hours, I had accidents. The issue started after I stopped bleeding to my second kid, close to 2 years after delivery.
    First pill didnt help with the flow, so took another one. Your doctor will guide you on how to take it or watch youtube videos on it. Its a strip of 28 pills, during the last week, you get period. In my case it took some time to reduce flow. I took if for 8 months, in between I stopped and checked. Once, I felt ok I stopped it. I didn't faced that severe bleeding again.

    In USA, people use it stop periods too. Ask familiy doctor about it. Its a box of three months supply. I tried that for stopping it for a surgery as I didn't want that mess too. But in my case I noticed spotting for two days by the end of every month, but it was ok compared with regular periods. I didn't take it again. Some BC pills are prescibed for regulating periods too. Ask your doctor about it.
    If there is another issue, they will do further tests. In my case, I didn't have any other gyn problem, so it helped. Its my experience. But it can vary from person to person.

    I wont suggest anyone to take it regularly as there can be side effects. But when we face issues like this, we may have to take it. As heavy / long bleeding can lead to anemia and make you weak, dont forgot to supplement with iron or rich foods.So consult a doctor (family or OBY). Hope you feel better soon.

    Note: I have also heard that homeo medicine helps with similar issues too. But you need to find an expert to consult if you are in India. Also, do a blood test to make sure you dont have other issues like thyroid.
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    I had the same issue after my second delivery. Extremely heavy periods.
    Earlier during the maternity break it didn't bother me much as I was always inside home. But it did bother so much upon starting work, especially while on travel mode. Then only I started realizing the difference, as I needed to change frequently. Even then, I stained the cloths, my office & car seats at times due to heavy flow.

    My Gynecologist after a scan identified endometriosis and an hormonal imbalance in my body. I also had other symptoms like weight gain, severe period pain, migraine, and low Hb levels. So, he prescribed birth control pills and iron pills for sometimes.

    The birth control pills did not work for me. I had nausea and discomforts in mornings, especially while commuting for work if I take the birth control pill. It also made me gain more weight and bloat. I didn't like it.

    So, the question is whether I can live with this forever - until my menopause or surgically remove my uterus (laparoscopy is possible if I opt to remove only those endometriosis cysts). I rejected all, and managing the symptoms as I am WFH these days.

    But, like a wonder my period got normal including the pain during the past 2 months, especially after taking Pfizer vaccine. I continue to take iron tablets though.

    Will visit my Gynecologist once covid situation improves here
  4. EagerForInfo

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    thank for ur reply. I was wondering the same thing actually. I have started the birth control pills 3 weeks ago and was wondering do I need to do this forever ? As I already forgot a couple of times. Your post answered my question. Thank you. And was also wondering What will be our fate after we stop this birth control pills.

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