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Expectation is the cause of misery

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Lak_657, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Life is full of expectation. A mother expects her children to settle well in their life. A wife expects her husband to be caring and loving. A husband expects his wife to fulfill his desires. Children expect their parents to buy what all they want in their life. So this type of expectation continues from person to person. When these expectations are not fulfilled then starts the misery for which each and every individual becomes prey.
    Whether rich or poor, every single person suffers from this expectation. Nobody is spared. A rich person may expect his business to flourish within a certain period of time, which may not happen always. A poor vendor will expect to earn some money by selling his things, which again has its own barriers.
    Impacts of expectations:

    Relationship: When expectations are not fulfilled this gets deeply affected. For example -a mother expects her son to look after her daughters’ needs. When this expectation is not fulfilled then she feels bad about it. Certain people overcome from this misery very soon but some carry forward till their death. We can quote so many examples.

    Health: When there is a break in the relationship or a loss of relationship, due to tension or nervousness health problems arises. Health problems may be chronic or mild- it depends upon the nature and living condition of that person.

    Jealousy, Enviousness and rivalry: This type of negativity arises among the likeminded persons. When the expectation of one person is fulfilled the other becomes jealous. In certain people this jealousy may lead to enviousness too. Here again you should understand the difference between jealousy and enviousness. For example, a friend- Mr. X buys a car and his friend, Mr. Y becomes jealous and out of his enviousness he punctures the air in the tyre. So enviousness leads to certain action which is not good. Then again this leads to rivalry which becomes a chain of reaction.
    How to overcome from this misery???

    Even though it is totally unavoidable, first thing is let us analyze our expectation and try to minimize it.
    If our expectation is not fulfilled find out the reason and try to eradicate. Get the help of others who were successful. If the reason is due to certain unavoidable reasons for example- like recession in the world economy, promotions withheld due to major backlog in the business organization, we have to wait for a certain period of time with patience. Last thing is let us not grieve on the issues where our expectations are not fulfilled. If we learn to live a life which we have got most of our problems will be solved. Even though advice is easier than practice many of us never give a try to come out of our problems expecting other people to sympathize on us.

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