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Evil Eyes Or Coincidence???

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by SGBV, Oct 22, 2021.

  1. SGBV

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    Each time i experience unexplained health issues, and tricky numbers in the medical reports before I take up any interesting international assignments.
    I don't know whether this is coincidence or something more than that.
    I have no scientifically proven strategies to back what I feel. But the irony is that I soon become alright and free of all these symptoms the moment I land in the other country.

    Let me explain my journey so far:

    I have studied in France, and traveled to Canada, Thailand, India and few other countries in between for work before marriage and I never had any disturbance or health concerns during these journeys. But again, our family was just 5 of us (dad, mom and siblings). We seldom interacted closely with our relatives, and never shared our life style with others then.

    After marriage, family became large. In laws and co-sisters and their families started interacting with us. Our siblings got married and there came new relationships too.

    Even now, we don't share our lives with others much. But still, we share it with siblings, BILs and the possibility of them sharing the news with their immediate & extended family is inevitable.

    So, here goes my journeys:

    I traveled to Bosnia for the first time in 2009 after marriage. I had severe UTI and it didn't go with antibiotics that time. The doctors warned me of kidney stones, and prescribed more powerful medicines to be taken for 14 days. By that time my flight date came and I traveled with so much confusions. But luckily I was completely cured within 2-3 days after reaching Bosnia. That illness did not repeat after that.

    In 2011 I traveled to Thailand, and I had severe throat pain and unable to speak, swallow or even turn my neck easily. For a few weeks I consulted special ENT surgeons and none of them could diagnose my exact problems. They gave me antacids and several antibiotic combinations believing it could be a gastric trouble or a bacterial infection. But they did check for cancer & did biopsy.
    While going through all these, I had to pack my bags and travel to Thailand. Can you imagine. But my problems diminished miraculously within a week in Bangkok

    Then in 2013 I went to Hungary. Again another health complication hit me hard.
    My right leg was swollen with mild fever, and non of the antibiotics worked. So, I had to consult with a specialist doctor this time as I had developed severe complications such as high fever, and other symptoms like red spots in leg, swollen groin lymph node etc... The blood reports were horrible with high WBC and ESR to name a few. He suspected Filaria (elephant leg fever) and started medication immediately before the blood report comes. It took 4 days to get the report, but while I was taking medicine, the report came back negative. Again, they have ordered other tests and scans fearing some types of blood cancer.
    While going through all these medical screening, I had to apply for visa and other processes for the trip.
    It was a 30 hr long flight (including transit) and I had to travel with that extremely swollen leg. Thank God, the reports were OK, and the symptoms diminished within 2-3 days after reaching Hungary.

    Again after a long break, I traveled back to Rwanda in 2018. The moment I announced my international appointment, started my high BP. It was up like 170/110 and sometimes more. As I never had diabetes, cholesterol or any other underlying issues, this high BP became a concern. Initially the doctors ruled out stress factors, and I was even asked to follow yoga. I was sure that I didn't have stress then. But the BP remained unchanged despite taking medicines. I had to prepare all the pre departure stuff while having BP complications and fear of the underlying causes. They even checked my kidneys too.
    I continued to take the medicine for 2 more weeks in Rwanda and suddenly I felt all normal. When checked there, my BP was cool. What a miracle.

    in 2019, I went to India, and again I had lower abdominal complications which wasn't UTI but the urine report was abnormal. I still went ahead as it wasn't an official trip, but a long waited pilgrimage. What a miracle that all my symptoms disappeared the moment i loaded the plane.

    This time, I am experiencing severe gastric problems, if searched in google that leads me to nowhere. My mind is full of uncertainty with these prevailing symptoms, but I am moving ahead with our departure procedures. Taking medicines as prescribed by the doctors and hoping for the best.
    All I needed was some stress relieve, so venting out here though I have thousands of pending things to do.

    I never enjoyed my international trips in the past decade or so.... Each time, it comes with another complication and my mind is stressed.
    Shoppings, good bye meets with relatives, send off parties, etc..etc... were meaningless in my life so far.
    These are the moments that I should be cherishing for life. But look at me... here I am venting in pain.

    But I am sure, the God is with me. Each time, those terribly symptomatic diseases disappeared just like that the moment I landed in new countries. After that, it has always been a blissful start :)

    My mom says it is because certain relatives are jealous of my success and their evil eyes cause me this much trouble. But what's the remedy?

  2. paru123

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    Looks like coincidence. So many of us fall sick so many times in our life. Need to see it as the ups, down and curves in our life line.
    Also I guess you might not be paying enough attention to your health when you have to make an important travel and thats why you might be falling sick as you would be busy thinking about the travel.
  3. ProudIndian

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    Take good care of your health with regular blood check, good diet sleep meditation exercise etc. it’s possible u r getting stressed before travel. Don’t share news with anyone if possible and see if this changes.

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