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Empowering Women to desire Fearlessly - Part II

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by coolbird, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Continuing from Part I………….

    I believe that in most cases people will treat you the way you teach them to treat you. Does that sound like I am blaming you? Quite the contrary; I am telling you to take back your power.

    When you dress well and maintain a well groomed appearance, you convey to others that you care enough about yourself to keep a well attended to appearance. When you live in a clean and tidy environment, it shows others that you value yourself enough to want your space to be neat and attractive. This list could go on and on. This is not to say that we all walk around well dressed and with no hair out of place, 24/7. But you get the general idea.

    How about the things less material? What do you convey when you put yourself last or when someone is habitually late to appointments with you, but you keep quiet about it? Maybe you always say yes to every request made to you. Or perhaps you allow people to remain in your life who often say negative things to you. As humans we model our behavior after others in many situations. If people see that you do not treat yourself in a way that says you value yourself…. they will probably treat you the same way.

    I believe around 90% of issues we face as adult women can be connected to our self worth concepts. I believe that with a higher value placed on self, your perspective will shift dramatically. But learning to see your true worth and value can be easier said than done. As a woman myself, I want to help you to find your true value and to build on that value.

    For just a moment, imagine driving your old family car 60km/h – for years; and then somebody gives you the key to a sports car, and all of a sudden you experience the hidden power and joy of driving a fast and safe car at 150km/h. Moreover, you know that this car can take you on journeys beyond your wildest dreams.

    Imagine feeling so confident and connected that you were able to accomplish your goals and live to your full potential, on your own terms... WHAT WOULD THAT BE……..?

    Self discovery is greatly complimented by taking those few minutes to be still with yourself each day.

    I look forward to hearing your experiences about that discovery you have made about yourself!

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