Effects For You With Guru's Transition From Vrischika To Dhanus

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    GURU or Jupiter in English will transit from 22 – 11 – 2007 from Vrischika to Dhanus. I am giving hereunder the effects of this transition for the people born in each RASI.


    For those born with the MOON'S position in MESHA in their horoscopes, Jupiter is moving from the EIGHTH position to the NINETH position. They will be very fortunate due to this transition. They will perform all work with self-confidence and will be successful in all their attempts. In fact, you will be appreciated by one and all in your way of performing or handling the job undertaken by you, whether it is official or personal. In short ,this transition is very good for those personnel born as given above.

    It is likely , that those unmarried will tie knots. However, you must be careful with your off springs. It is likely that those who have no children might be blessed with children/child.


    The transition of Jupiter from Vrischika to Dhanus is not favourable to those born with MOON in VRISHABHA. You will be in a confused state of mind. You may suffer from monetary loss. Hence you should be very careful while undertaking any job whether personal or official. Be careful while driving or moving in vehicles. You might get into futile arguments with your subordinates as well as your bosses.

    Ladies will be seen in composed form and spend their times in VRATHAS PUJAS and other DHARMIC acts. There will be happiness in the family. However you must pay special attention to the studies of your off springs. Your work will be appreciated by your boss. However, you will have to work more in your office.. You must handle jobs given to you with utmost care. This period is not beneficial much for marriage.


    The transition of GURU from VRISCHIKA to DHANUS is very favourable for those not married to get married as this is the SAPTHMA KENDRA of JUPITER.( Guru in the 7<sup>th</sup> house from his own house i.e. from Sagittarius or Dhanus

    Those relatives who have not bothered about you so far will come and meet you. You will be free from all bad effects which you have been experiencing hither to. You will be free from the deceases you were suffering so far. You will attract people due to your skillful words. You will have enough money during the position of GURU in DHANUS. In short this is a very good period for those born in MITHUNA RASI.


    The transition of Jupiter from SCORPIO ( VRISCHIKA) to SAGGITTARIUS
    ( DHANUS) , is not at all favourable to those born in KATAKA RASI. You may suffer from injuries or other illness , trapped in debts will not be able to complete successfully any job, will have to face enemies of direct or indirect nature.

    This is also not a good period for ladies. There may be quarrels with husband. They may get involved in unnecessary bickering. They might have money just to live. Be careful while dealin with relatives.

    SIMHA (CHINGA) ( LEO) : To those born in SIHA RASI, the transition of Jupiter to VRISCHIKA will bring fortunes. They will succeed in all their attempts. Those who have no children will beget child. You will undertake all works with out selfishness

    However, ladies will face with small bickering. They might encounter with difficulties to achieve in their goals. They must carefully handle all the jobs they undertake.

    KANYA (VIRGO) KANNI : To those born in Kanya Rasi , this will be an above-average period. However you will be successful in your education, will get promotion if you are eligible will find some improvement in your profession. You have to be careful about your health. It is advisable that you should not spend money in luxuries. Be careful in your work.

    Ladies will have good relationship with their husbands and kith and kin." Do thy job fruit is not thy gain "should be the policy you adopt. Suddenly you will find that you are elevated.

    THULA ( LIBRA) : Guru will help to succeed in all your attempts by giving self confidence and will power. Do not get into arguments unnecessarily. Your brothers and sisters will be in good terms with you. Do not stand surety for others. Since Jupiter aspects your RAASI , all will appreciate your work. You are liable to get accolades unexpectedly.

    Ladies born in TULA RAASI also will find the above results applicable to them. You might get promotion or increase in salary if you are a working girl. You might get transfer to the places of your choice.

    VRISCHIKA ( SCORPIO ) : Since JUPITER is moving to its own house which is 2<sup>nd</sup> from your JANMA RAASI , it will shower on you all fortunes. People will be attracted by your words. You will be wealthy, However do not become a spend thrift. If you/or your parents are looking to arrange your marriage, this is the right time for it. Wedding bells will be ringing on your ears. Your enemies will be destroyed.

    Ladies will have a good time with children. All the above given for men will be applicable to you too. However, you have to carefully perform your duties.

    DHANUS ( SAGITTARIUS) : Since Jupiter is moving to its own house, I do not find this a very favourable period. However, since he is moving to his MOOLA THRIKONA, it will bring fortunes for you. There is a possibility that those who are separated from husband/wife to reunite. In your job side be careful. You might find job very strenuous.
    However you will earn good name.

    MAKARA ( CAPRICORN) : To those born in Makara Raasi, expenses will increase. However equally you might get income also. You are liable to clash with those residing with you or your relatives. Hence, be careful in your dealings. You will enjoy good health. Do not stand surety for others. Be patient always. It will bear fruit. In short , you are to carefully tread your ways carefully.

    KUMBHA ( AQUARIUS ) : Since Jupiter is moving to Labha Sthaana, you are very fortunate. You might win lotteries or get monetary gains from unexpected quarters. You will earn fame . Court cases if any will be ending in your favour. Your relatives will be in good terms with you . They will forget the past and try to befriend you. You will have good relationsip with your Husband/Wife. Be careful and do not indulge in bickering . there is a chance for you to undertake journeys to foreign countries. You will earn good name in your work place if you are employed. Promotion is waiting for you. You will get good and valuable clothes. A good time to purchase vehicle, land etc. Wedding bells ring on your ears..

    These are equally applicable to ladies.

    MEENA ( PISCES) : Jupiter is moving from BHAGHYA STHAANA to KARMA STHAANA. The result will be average. You will get all fortunes including vehicles.
    You will be agile. You might become advisor to many .

    Ladies can expect their husbands taking more care on them. You are liable to perform a good or unfortunate KARMA.

    Friends, the above are only based on GURU'S TRANSITION. I request you all to use this as guidelines and not as predictions. Predictions are given after checking all aspects in a HOROSCOPE. I do not give any predictions.

    Regards to one and all.



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    hello akka

    or guidelines
    by your friend is great....
    simple and free...
    although predictions
    get just a read through
    some points stick to your mind...
    and when its positive
    and ringing
    you start looking for more
    may we have monthly
    forecasts too?


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