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Eco-friendly & Sustainability

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Vedhavalli, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Vedhavalli

    Vedhavalli Platinum IL'ite

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    With growing climate change and environmental degradation it's high time to be change ourselves to eco-friendly. And maintain sustainable world.
    Steps to take up for a better Earth as fellow earthlings.

    1) no plastics , no one time use plastics
    2) no artificial fibers in dress, accessories, shoes, purses etc.
    3) reduce carbon footprint by taking walk to short distances, than using vehicles.
    4) use less electricity.
    5) install solar panels on roof
    6) grow kitchen garden
    7) grow indoor plants
    8) plant trees if you have space
    7) use steel, iron vessels instead of nonstick ones
    8) use environmental friendly dish soaps, detergents, tooth pastes, body soaps, deodorants, perfumes.
    9) maximum use bamboo mats, straws.
    10) always carry home cooked food
    11) use community compost or compost at your home.
    12) upcycle toys, dress, books.
    13) use canvas , thick cotton bags for groceries, always carry a cotton bag while going for shopping.
    14) take steel boxes for restaurants while take out meals
    15) go vegan or vegetarian. Or reduce consumption of animal and animal by-products.
    16) watch documentaries with children let children know how big turmoil we have created for them .
    17) ride cycles, electric scooters and zero emissions vehicles

    Reduce, reuse recyle.
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  2. Angela123

    Angela123 Gold IL'ite

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    Wondering how many of these are followed by people.

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