East Or West Mother Tongue Is Best With Husband

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    Five years after the child was born, one day the mother suddenly realized that this child does not seem to be ours, why not get his DNA test done.

    In the evening her husband returned home from duty tiredly, he expressed his suspicion that see this child behaves very strangely, his walking, eating, drinking and sleeping, etc is very different from ours. I don't think this kid belongs to us. Let's get his DNA Test done.

    Husband: Darling! Why did you suddenly remember this after five years today? You could have asked me this five years ago...!

    Wife (Surprised): What do you mean? What do you want to say?

    Husband: Remember the first night in the hospital when our baby was born and shortly after she spoiled the pamper. Then you told me that ′′ Aji listen! Please change the baby. ′′

    Then I looked at you in a big surprise and you said ′′ for your love I have kept this baby in my womb for 9 months, and now that I can't even move so do you do this little thing too Can't do it."..???

    Then I picked up my child and went to another ward, there I changed my dirty child and brought another clean child to you and put him to sleep...

    Moral of the story :- Use your mother tongue while telling your husband work, use English sent to you, then this will happen. .....!!!

    For the first time a wife is in coma, otherwise it is always husband!!!
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