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Dream Of Sugar Plum Faries

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Aug 29, 2021.

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    Let us be happy

    Let us embrace

    Who knows in few years

    Humans will be able to

    Regularly travel to outer space

    Let thee be grateful for

    Foods, clothes and shelter

    Let the be grateful for

    Modern technologies

    That insulate us from

    The weather

    Let us rejoice for the health

    We have

    May we find it in our

    Minds and hearts

    To share the wealth

    We have

    Everyday is a new day

    Some are sweet

    Some are salty

    And admittedly

    Some can be quite faulty

    If you have roof over your head

    And body can rest on a cozy bed

    And people worry about your

    Comings and going

    Even to some annoying dread

    Then I say you are alright

    You are alright

    Go to sleep

    And have a goodnight
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