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Down the memory lane

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka Raghavan, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. kanaka Raghavan

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    Dear Friends
    I studied in Nirmala college in coimbatore.Idid my B.A.Economics and only 5 years back did post graduation in History.There were only 3 colleges in Coimbatore then.They were categorised as Ladies of Krishnnammal,Saints of Avanashiligam,Rowdies of Nirmala.!!!!Just because a few misbehaved the whole college was branded as such.I first never liked the college as none of my old school friends were in the my group.But after first sem I really enjoyed as I had lots of friends.We studied as well cut classes to watch movies running thru the back gate.My father wanted me to be honest.He even sent the car to pick us up at the theatre.
    W e always looked forward to lectures by trainees as they were very easy going..I vividly remember one such lecture was going on,as usual passing of tiffin boxes was going on.One of my friends sitting in the first desk ,in a hurry dropped my tiffin box.At that the lecturer turned away from the board,she was astonished to see channa and puri rolling on the ground!!!!!!!!!.So were we.We were wondering what we where in for.But she just said clean the mess at the end of the hour.
    W e used to play name,place ,animal,things in our professor's class who never used crack a joke .She was always miss prim and proper.We used to have roaring time in our combined class of 120 students.
    We learnt cycling in 3 days time.
    Those were the days............................................

  2. Manjureddy

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    Hi Kanaka
    Nyaabagam Varuthey nyabagam varuthey mood, what ?
    Colleges everywhere get a prefix labelling the students as this or that category.
    From what i hear, this continues even now.

    And Teachers ! All schools, all colleges have at least 2 kaduvan -poonai teachers !

    Nice reminiscing Kanaka ! Hope others bring in their nostalgic tales too !


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