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Dora & Bujji

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous in Parenting' started by Honeytha, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Honeytha

    Honeytha Senior IL'ite

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    How about Dora and Bujji ruling ur children???????[​IMG]

    For those who have small kids they must be knowing from me saying Dora & Bujji, for others it is a program in CHUTTI TV.

    It is a very nice program for kids and i too love watching it (so in that case i can't say about the kids)

    My 2 years old son, he love the program very much........it is totally in his mind in such a way that when i went to Sri Sankara Hall - CD and Cassesttes Sale, their he saw one CD cover with Dora and Bujji in it, so he thought it is the program and he picked it from the stall and stall person was telling him Dora and Bujji is yet to come in CD, u can only watch it in the TV. but this fellow dosen't want to listen to that and he didn't even gave me CD. atlast i was in a position to purchase the CD (CD is of Bed time stories).

    After reaching home, i played the CD, it was not toooooo good.

    C the marketing stratergy, just putting the photo in the cover.........

    U will get a similar CD in English as the name Kinder Garden Concepts from BUZZERS. only this CD is available (to replace DORA & BUJJI)


    add on ur experiences about Dora & Bujji......

    enjoy........"VANGA NANBARGALE ELLARUM OONA POLLAM........."

  2. Poonkodi

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    My baby also love this show in chutti TV, Nick Jr. She can't eat w/o this. I bought a CD in a platform shop but only have 3 episodes. They just converted TV show in to DVD, so audio quality is not good.

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