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Does Your Husband Help Carry Your Luggage?

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by beautifullife30, May 9, 2022.

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    @beautifullife30 - your husband not even lifting heavy water bucket when you were pregnant was VERY WROng on his part .. sorry to say but he has taken you for a ride because of your acceptance of his repeated wrong behaviors .. that incident could have caused miscarriage or injury to featus in your womb.

    @indubalram - I feel very sorry for how you mentioned that your husband was not there for you during your struggling moments..

    whichever woman who is justifying the above 2 behaviors or casually dismissing them as husband just not doing it consciously is karmically and morally wrong and that too , at the soul/ conscious level ..

    but you know what, in my middle age , I have seen enough of karma giving it back so always know that God and karma lords do get a bit Late but they do not forget any address and often re - visit to give karma during old age when the body is very fragile or serve karma to progeny if both husband and wife do bad thing together ( even rich and mighty can do nothing about karma acting )... I have seen and heard some real life incidents , few of which I have mentioned in some posts …

    prayers of morally right and conscious people do work on some level and even God does not forget those prayers though God might take some time to respond to prayers because of prarabdha karma that a Person is born with .

    So , everyone should try to be good, moral and stand for the right things .. ..
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