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Diwali - two sides to the festival of lights

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by rmalathi, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. rmalathi

    rmalathi Senior IL'ite

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    My family is preparing for yet another Diwali and I already have butterflies in my stomach. I have not eaten and slept well in the past few days and am feeling very weak and tired. Yesterday, when I went for a walk I met Rani and Ashley who were also dreading the arrival of Diwali. When the whole world is looking forward to this festival of lights, we just want to run and hide..Witsend

    Mom and Dad took us shopping and my sis, my bro and I were all very happy with our Diwali purchases. My family loves me very much and deeply cares for me. They do not burst crackers, especially my bro - he is very concerned about the environment and me of course. But how to stop the society at large from polluting the environment and scarinng us endlessly. I saw a young girl making a speech at a UN Conference. She was very concerned about what you as elders would leave behind for her and the generations to come and the great damage being caused to the Ozone layer. May be the UN and WHO or even our Governments should take immediate steps to save our earth for our children.

    Will there ever be a Diwali that cannot be celebrated without bursting crackers and causing so much pollution? I know its a very sticky and sensitive question, but why don't people think about us! Are we not as much a part of this Universe too!! Won't we given an opportunity to air our views. Why am I so much against all this you might ask. I want to, on behalf of my animal kingdom voice our displeasure with the constant damage humans created to this earth and towards us. Hope God will listed to our prayers.

    Happy Diwali to all of you and thanks for your understanding.

    Snoopy... (you guessed it right, I am indeed a pet dog)

  2. lintteris

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    I am borrowing the words of a poet..
    Oh my earth, havn't you died yet...
    Wishing you advanced rest in peace...
    Not only to you, but it is also to me...

    It is the individual responsability of everybody, but who cares about it..
    Only a few people like you...

  3. amihere

    amihere Platinum IL'ite

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    You have said it right, it is high time we have to do way with all these crackers to celebrate festivals. There hasn’t been a festival without a mishap in at least one cracker manufacturing unit and losing precious lives. I don’t know whether UN or WHO can do much in this. They can well make the generation aware of the side effects of cracking these. But the change has to come from each household, yes as a child I too loved celebrating Vishu and diwali by bursting crackers. But not anymore. Then I wasnot aware of what I am contributing to the environment. But the joy of the celebration was not any less when we stopped bursting these. We have to educate our children about the side effects caused to our earth by crackers and discourage them from bursting those. There can be many other ways of celebrating these. Let us make a resolution not to use crackers to celebrate the festivals.

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