Digital Camcorder, my love for it!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by UmaVythianathan, Nov 26, 2010.

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    Until I got my first kid, I had never had the thought of having a video recorder/handycam... I was pretty happy with the only Camera, a Canon model, (digital cameras were not popular then, 1999, at least in India), which my brother gave me during my wedding....When my dear son Vignesh was born, we were so happy seeing him grow day by day...My brother came down from USA for his wedding, and he had brought his new Sony digital camcorder. The two weeks that he was here, I was the one having his camcorder, shooting Vignesh doing lots of gimmicks..

    I thought this device was not within my financial reach...But, I was always longing to get it. My second kid came into our lives, and still I wasn't in possession of it.

    Back in my mind, I was waiting for that prized moment to own one, and did a lot of research into it. Read many reviews, wondering whether to buy it in India itself, or ask somebody to get it from USA or Dubai...Then came my DH's birthday in 2007. I knew that if I was to ask him to buy us a digital camcorder, he would deny saying that we had 100 other things on which the money could be spent.

    The kids were growing, and in most of the schools culturals and other similar programmes, there were lots of people, mostly NRIs, who used to beautifully picturize their son or daughter performing to their fellow students.

    I bought the then latest Sony HDD Digital Camcorder, and gifted him on his birthday....He was awestruck when he first saw the box. He even initially thought that I had packed his gift inside that box, as that was the least that he could think about as his b'day gift..But, when he opened it, and saw inside a real video camcorder, I first told him that he cannot scold me or criticize me for that as it was a gift that I had got him.

    Now four years after buying, wherever we go, the first thing that he gets ready for our trip is the camcorder. He loves shooting his family, the scenery and the like. Even in his business, he uses the camcorder to record lots of experiments, and corporate events..

    I love the memorable moments of our life that has been captured by this digital device. Hats off to the inventor, who has made me record many great moments in our life...

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful info with us.
    I agree with you, capturing all our favourite moments with camcorder is a gift.
    Hats off to the inventor :)

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