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Diabetics and their food habits to follow

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by subbutr, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. subbutr

    subbutr Senior IL'ite

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    My dear friends,

    Who says diabetics can't eat well?

    Maintaining a healthy diet is important for everyone, but crucial for people with diabetes.

    Following a diet that meets the strict nutritional requirements of diabetics and does not overshoot on calories is critical.

    At the same time, having diabetes does not mean you lose your head on calorie counting and bid farewell to delicious food.

    Here are some yummy meal options that are safe, quick to prepare, and great to taste.

    Beverage list
    Choose from the following for each of your meals.
    Club soda , Diet soda , Coffee with an artifical sweetener like 'Equal'
    Sugar-free drink mix, like a sugar-free strawberry crush
    Tea with no/less sugar , Kokam juice with no added sugar, Sugar-free tonic water Avoid canned or even fresh juices, especially those with added sugar.

    The best breakfast option for a diabetic is a plate full of fruit. Include fruit such as apples, peaches, bananas and even strawberries, and eat a stomach full.
    You can even have a soup if an urge for salts arises.
    Once in a while, you can have milk with cereal that has no additional sugar. Muesli is also an option.
    Poached egg on toast, Tomato and cucumber salad, Bread topped with pineapple slices , Whole-grain ready-to-eat cereal , Almond milk , Bananas
    These must be alternated though, and none consumed on a daily basis. However, fruits are safe and ideal for repetition.

    Never Ever Keep stomach empty is the lesson.


  2. vjbunny

    vjbunny IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Subbu
    Thanks for sharing

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