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    an aussie is washed up n a desert island after a terrible shipwreck. the only other survivors are a sheep and a sheepdog. the stranded man gets into the habit of taking his two animal friends to the beach every evening to watch the sunset.

    one particular evening, the sky is a fiery red, the breeze is warm and gentle- a perfect night for they sit there, the sheep starts looking better and better to the lonely man. soon, he leans over and puts his arm round it. but the dog, ever protective of the sheep, growls fiercely until the man pulls his arm away. after that, the three of them continue to enjoy the sunsets together, but there's no cuddling.

    a few weeks pass and, lo and behold, there's another shipwreck. the only survivor is the most beautiful woman the man has ever seen. she's in a pretty bad way when he rescues her, but slowly he nurses her back to health.

    when the young woman is well enough, he introduces her to their evening beach ritual. it's another beautiful evening, re sky, a warm and gentle breeze- a perfect night for romance. soon the man starts to get those feelings again. he fights the urge as long as he can. but finally he gives in and, realising he now has the opportunity, he leans over to the young woman cautiously and whispers in her ear: would you mind taking the dog for a walk?

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