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Delhi Enterpreneurs...Please guide me for wholesale markets

Discussion in 'Entrepreneurship' started by Happy2be, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Happy2be

    Happy2be Gold IL'ite

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    Oh My God!! Its been damn long since I dropped at IL, which used to be a daily junction for me. Long as in, I don't really even remember when was the last time. How time flies and responsibilities take over us.

    Apart from working from home for our web business with husband, I have just begun another, hobby turned business, you can say, just 2 months back. I'm so grateful to my husband and my in laws to be so supportive. I had a concept of a muliti store and that is what I am aiming at from 1 display wall of a room at my place. It's giving a fine response as for the start.

    I have explored markets for clothes, handbags, watches etc, but since a few days, I am hunting for a wholesale market for kids stuff. Toys games educational items I am getting at sadar too, but I need to have those small cheap gift items that can be used as return gifts or just as a token of love to a kid who visits you. Those items that are priced at say Rs.30, Rs.40 at the stores, like those stationary packs, cute cartoon pencil stands etc etc, may be I should say, chinese items.

    Please guide me where can I get such items from? I have been desperately hunting and browsing the net but all in vain :-( Please guide.

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