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Delhi Capital Of Pakistan

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Thyagarajan, Jun 23, 2021.

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    :hello: DELHI CAPITAL OF PAKISTAN (Sic) :hello:

    Teacher :- Children which is the "Capital of Pakistan"?
    Child :- Delhi.
    Teacher :- How?
    Child :- When you visit "Delhi", & if you take a walk.....
    Then, you will come to know that, after leaving "Shah Jahan" road, you will reach "Akbar" road.
    Going ahead, you take a turn on "Babur" road. Then going straight ahead you will go thru "Humayun" road. Later you get a roundabout, from where you will enter "Tughlaq" lane!
    Proceed on "Aurangzeb" road and you reach "Safdarjung" road.!
    After this go through "Tughlaqabad" and "Jamia Nagar" to reach "Qutub Minar".
    And when you start to suffocate in this Sufiyan environment then....."
    Go thru "Sarai Kalekhan" to reach "Nizamuddin" railway station, sit in the "train" of your city, and go back home!

    And "sitting at home", keep thinking.... Is Delhi the Capital of India Or Pakistan"?
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