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Day To Day Life With Servants.

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by MULLAI62, Nov 27, 2016.

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    In this mechanical world it is inevitable to live without servants. In day today life many of them are daily struggling with their servant .

    My sister is in Chennai . She is paying more than Rs8000/ for cooking and house keeping. Every month she is changing the servants. The problem is with Owners or with Servants?

    The problem is only with us . Some are changing the servants and the rest are complaining.

    Just I want to share my experience. Past 35 years I am keeping servants. Once I keep if they are ok I would never change them. Usually I am the type of treating the servants as one among us. Even though I struggled means only because of my EGO.

    I will provide everything but in some way or other EGO clashes. Because of that I only would be worrying many times. After everything I felt sorry for my non giving up.Once one old woman was with me for cooking. Monthly once she will go to her native. She will go in our absence mostly(Both are employed). Then one day we found that she was taking kitchen provisions . I didn’t ask her and left that she is taking only for her food.

    Her native people is my neighbor. Once she went to native and write letter to my neighbor but not to me. I thought it is ungrateful. I didn’t call her back. Am I right?

    I can not bear ungratefulness.

    Now I appointed one girl at the age of 14. Here in our place they are giving fixed salary. Washing RS.100 for each and Rs.300 for house cleaning like that. Without knowing that by mistake I told her to give Rs.200/ per day. From 9am to 5pm just like factory employee she has to stay.

    Though we give 1000 per day she has to work . She is human. How much she could only she can.
    Morning 7 to 9 am she is working in another family and getting Rs.750/-. Evening again she is going there to wash the vessels after left my house.

    My monkey mind starts working. I am giving 200 but she is only 22 and odd. Are we cheated?. She is not staying after 4.

    I could not tell her immediately and worrying my mind. Then I spoke to her mother and said if she stays up to 5pm I am ready to give 120 else only 100. She accepted.

    Even though my mind will be thinking that she is getting all benefits here but working there for less amount.Then slowly I sit and think. I want all the work should be done in a proper way. So its my skill to get the work done. Its her skill to finish it fast or late.

    So I am in peace. She will come and I too help her in mamy things. When we do like that they are happy .I am not keeping any EGO with her. With patience make her understand. In some places I will keep myself in her place and at the same time I will teach her respect.

    Morning she will bring flowers to GOD. I will allow her to put flowers and tell her to pray for her.She is happily doing.

    She never likes our food. She belongs to a lambodi group. She knows only cleaning.

    In these three months I taught her how to keep house, cutting vegetables, washing clothes by machine, Keep dining table clean, how to keep the clothes and where to keep. .Just 1 month completed , I have given her Diwali dress, Bangles.

    She does not take tea so let her take milk. She will never take the old foods. She will never take the remaining food to home. Ok. Let her take daily food. She may be a servant but she has her own wishes and values. I respect that. Which could we adjust we can.

    Often my monkey mind started working but I will detach it .

    She knows all as I want. For that what I am telling ,We need more patience.No EGO.Little giving up. Little Humanity.Little friendliness.Little consideration.

    More training. First Let them do as they do then we have to correct as we like.Now she is trained well and I feel free. Instead of having conflicts agree is better, give peace I think.

    Its my experience. Sunday no washing. Only brooming. Cleaning vessels. Cutting vegetables.

    It is Wise. Give small , get more.

    True leadership is create more leaders. We are all leaders. Right?

    We cant get readymade servants , we have to mould them as per our wish. For that we need patience................

    I am in peace now. That has more value.
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