DAV Gopalpuram or Sankara Adyar confused help me plzz!!!

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    Dear friends,
    My son is 3 years and 9 months old. we r transferring from bangalore to chennai soon. for the past four months, we applied in alomost 8 schools. im not against any of the below schools as i really dont know about chennai schools.

    1)He got in DAV as my husband is an alumni there.
    2)He has shortlisted in sankara adyar too. Interaction is on next week

    * DAV reviews

    So far im getting mixed reviews like
    1) good school
    2) brand value
    3) very stirct
    4) Kids will have pressure - i fear whether my kid will be able to cope up the pressure.
    5) not co ed - as kids need a co existing environment for gender sensitising ryt. for this reason im hesitating to admit in DAV.

    * Sankara
    1) good school
    2) less pressure twrds kids
    3) way of handling the kids is good.

    Plz tell me ur opinions. i know all schools will have negative aspects and positive aspects. if any of the moms whose kids r in the above schools plz give ur views also. so that i ll come to a conclusion as i shdnt feel guilty later.


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