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Cut the FAT and SALT to half with healthy low fat cooking methods

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by 4mangopeople, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. 4mangopeople

    4mangopeople Silver IL'ite

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    Hello Ladies

    Committing to a low fat lifestyle means you are ready to make changes in the selection of foods, selection of cooking methods to maximize the protein and nutrients, minimize the fat and cholesterol.

    Meat, poultry and fish, sources of protein and nutrients, already high in fat, adds unhealthy saturated fat and cholesterol to your diet. Some simple tricks and tips make meat, poultry and fish fit perfectly in your ' HEALTHY DIET MENU '.

    Selecting the meat, poultry and fish :

    The lean cut lamb come from the leg, arm and loin.

    Duck and goose are higher in fat than chicken and turkey.

    Liver, kidneys and brains are high in cholesterol.

    Processed meats are high in saturated fat and sodium.

    Choose white meat poultry.

    The lean cuts of beef include round, chuck and tenderloin.

    Shrimp and crayfish are high in cholesterol.

    Remove the skin before cooking the poultry.

    Beef steaks, whole joints of beef should be eaten rare.

    The magic of marinades :

    Make the habit of marinating the meat, chicken or seafood. A good marinade, tenderize and enhance the flavor of the dish, reduces the cooking time and the oil consumption to half, since the meat is cooked in the marinade juices.

    Since most marinades contain acid ingredients and herbs marinating should be done in a glass, ceramic or stainless steel container covered and refrigerated.

    The ingredients used for marinade are categorized under three groups - acids, oils and seasonings. A good marinade might have a balanced combination of all the three ingredients. Following the right blend of marinades can make your dish even more lip smacking than before.

    Vinegar, yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, wine, soy sauce, oils, and herbs like parsley, basil, rosemary, dill, coriander powder or leaves, and spices like fennel, mustard, black pepper, mace, cinnamon, cassia, cloves, saffron, turmeric, ginger, garlic, paprika, onion, asa foetida, nutmeg, star anise, cardamom, curry powder, onion powder, garam masala etc. and other flavoring ingredients can be honey, soy sauce, fish sauce, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and the choice is quite endless.

    Ensure that the marinade is not very thick. The poor penetration will affect the flavor of the dish. Marinades and marinating is a science in itself.

    Low fat cooking methods :

    Low fat cooking methods include moist heat methods like braising, boiling, steaming, poaching, stewing. Dry heat methods are grilling, baking, microwaving, stri frying, barbequing etc.

    Grilling, roasting, microwaving and baking requires the meat to be pre marinated and is usually done at higher temperatures, with a light coat of preferably olive oil. Meat is placed on a rack, and oil that drips is collected in the tray below. Drain excess fat from the meat and blot away the extra fat with kitchen paper. Roast chicken and turkey with skin but remove before serving.

    Sauteing and stir-frying requires the meat to be shredded or sliced and sauteed in less oil on high flame for a short time and the loss of nutrients and moisture is less. Make sure the oil is actually hot before meat is added.

    Steaming requires the meat to be placed in a steaming basket in a container in a flavored liquid. Do not throw the water in which meat is boiled. Refrigerate the water for a while, skim the fat collected on the top, and use the water for stews, soups and curries.

    The food which was chosen with great care and cooked in a healthy way must be eaten in a healthy way, will be discussed in the next thread.

    Healthy low fat cooking, can be a major improvement in your family's nutrition and eating habits and minimizes health risks like obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

  2. umathiru

    umathiru Silver IL'ite

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    wow, thks for sharing.
  3. Onesweetlife

    Onesweetlife Gold IL'ite

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    thanks mango...

    I was in search of similar tips only.

    I follow shiva's tips , now i ll start following the ones u r giving


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