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curiosity the human nature

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    Curiosity the human nature:
    Many a time we come across people who cannot sustain their curiosity about others, In those days we used to get a lot of letters hand written in an inland cover, and I had an uncle who was too curious to know what is happening to all, so he used to open the side slowly and again open the inner lining, and look into it after reading fold it in the same manner and put it back into the post box for the concerned to take it back..

    Now a days, the computer even if it is yours it is better to log out and not leave it open, because we have many friends, whom only we know could be giving us some pet names which turns into a riot if someone else were to see it. Many youngsters are very curious as to what an elderly person like me be doing in the computer all day long.

    My photoshop hobby itself takes half my time by the time I finish with a piece I am done, the minute details and leaving a psd file to refer later and so on..
    But when my extended family members always love to use my computer when they arrive here, so I have to log out, sometime they ask for some password and never forget it so keep looking into the mails if any slimy stuff going on and all, one gets tired changing the password all the time, the pervert mind is something that we cannot change.

    The same thing goes to courier, it could be a call for an interview, or a raise after confirmation, which if opened by others, give one a creep, and u feel u never have any privacy over in your own house.

    In contrast there are some in our life who can never keep a secret, they let you down so badly, u end up feeling it was not necessary to confide in the first place. They delight in the information given but if it too exclusive go on to verify, in the process u loose a nice friend in the making, these are some different type of meddlers we can do without.

    Some delight in passing on a very private message to the opposite people in a marriage and that brings about a lot of confusion. I remember one such incident, in my marriage when one lady took the trouble of informing us that my to be husband is already a married man, and the child who is a look alike of him is his. On verification we found the child to be that of his elder brother, who looked like my husband.

    The same thing applies to the new mother in law or the daughter in law, who as a new comer has to keep her mind very alert as to who is misguiding and who is meddling, many will come forward to describe some as the ogre of the house and sometime frighten you about your future, here in the new household, they revel in how their husband was before marriage, may be a lot of girl friends and drinking habit, and so on, the new bride is already shaking with a lot of apprehension, the husband also gets fed up with all these wrong backing when he is trying to make his new relationship work in the first place..

    Some time the relative in envious of a relationship that is just budding, and could mess it by informing the in law house hold, as to how the new girl is attractive towards him. When she must had taken the trouble to be nice to him as he is from her husband side, there are also some who visit and then go and inform some common friend that she is not happy with her husband, so comes stealthly in the night and we have a great time, when the feed back comes the poor girl is all in tears…

    Don’t u think we could do without such splurgers. Life would be great place to live without them, They leave behind a memory always to be cautious about….regards sunkan


  2. Cheeniya

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    Dear Sunkan
    You might have seen a message in our railway coaches-
    Less luggage, more comfort, make travel a pleasure!
    This applies to secrets as well. The less secrets we have and the less secrets we are privy to the happier we will be.
    As regards characters like you have described, they have been there since the dawn of time. Was not Sita's Agni Pravesh neccessitated by a casual remark of a washerman?
    These onslaughts from unscrupulous persons can only be guarded against by building up our inner strength.
  3. BhargaviChakravarthy

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    Even i have seen so many people who want to create a mess of the situation.If they see any two persons happily speaking,that is all ,gone.They will perfectly convey the message which is supposed to be a secret to the right person.on the other hand,the fact is that they will not let down their secrets to any one.highly irritating!

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