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    Dear Members,

    We are happy to announce the following new sub-forums:

    Technology for You & Me - in the Good to Read section.

    This subforum is a Technology Column talking about how Technology impact's peoples lives. You will get to read here about the latest trends in technology, how to use them and when to say enough to technology. Look forward to interesting information from the Technology World and share your views too!

    Religious & Spiritual Discussions - in the Family and Relationship section.

    Feel free to exchange information here about ALL/ANY religious and spiritual activities.

    Many members in our community like Chitvish, Prathi and Seetha3 felt that having a separate sub-forum will help in sharing lots of spiritual information. Also, members like Varloo, Vidya24, Jana, Ashna and others had initiated messages in this context. So we opened up this sub-forum for more such discussions.

    Happy Reading & Sharing of Information :thumbsup
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