Correct Do's And Dont's After A C Section

Discussion in 'Post Pregnancy Care' started by Neets8, Sep 17, 2018.

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    I had my baby on the 22nd August, and it was a c section. I have heard different do's and don'ts from people regarding the after care of yourself and regarding normal household things. But would like an opinion from members and some professionals here.
    I live with my in laws in our own building with three floors. Our bedroom is on the third floor, but main lviing area is joint on the first floor.
    My overall condition is well, my stitches were all fine and taken out on time. I dont feel any pain or stress in my abdominal area.
    2 weeks ago I asked my gyno if i can climb the stairs she just just once a day.

    1. When can i do normal climbing of stairs, like 4-5 times a day?

    2. Can I do normal walking in the house like for 45 minutes?

    3. I was given bedrest from the start of my pregnancy and have put on so much weight, and I am very eager to shed this weight in order to be a least fit into some of my clothes. At the moment none of my clothes fit me. Is it necessary for me to have 1500-1700 calories a day if I am breastfeeding?

    4. Can I not stick to a healthy eating and have a no carb dinner at night. A typical day would be:

    Early morning
    milk and 1 rusk

    2 eggs with one brown bread/2 roti with dal or sabji

    veg dalia

    fruits and milk

    Dal and salad

    Also a large glass of protein powder.

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    First of all congratulations on the new arrival and to your motherhood:)
    You can climb,but how you Do matters. Good to know that you recovered well,but give ample rest to your body Now that will help you in the long run.

    Are you feeling numbness? if yes thats absolutely normal that you wont feel any pain,that doesnt mean you dont need rest. Did you get a regional or local anesthesia? However watch your breathing cycle-proper inhale and exhale full cycle slow and complete.
    You can. Hope that doesnt include climbing stairs.
    Not necessarily. Eat healthy and keep hydrated.

    As I said eat healthy,keep hydrated and enjoy bonding with the baby,eventually you'll get fit into your old clothes. Your diet plan looks good to me,believe you're lactating enough for your baby.

    Enjoy motherhood!

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