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Controlling your anger

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by recipiesdirect, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Valuable Suggestions On Controlling Your Anger

    It is right to express your feelings. But, doing so in gripping manner is unsafe and should be refrained from. When you accept and notice that you have anger management dilemma, you are on the right track to solving the dilemma. countless human beings fail to accept and detect the fact that they are indeed angry. The reason is because they tend to fear the negative response they will receive from human beings.

    Finding out the root and cause of your anger is very vital if you ever want to prohibit your emotions. Once you’ve spotted the cause, the next thing you should do is to channel your energy to solving it. Along with, it will help you to keep away from things that make you angry.

    One of the reasons that human beings get angry and unable to prohibit it is their inability to let go. While it is true that past experiences can haunt us, there is need to forget them. When you don’t let go of these past experiences, you’ll discover that you get angry very easily. And this is very unsafe.
    There are several ways to prohibit your anger. One of the manners is to attend free anger management classes and meetings. countless of these abound around you. One of the management techniques that you can use to tackle anger is to keep away from solving difficulties, rather take control. There is a saying that “there is a solution to every dilemma” that make human beings believe that they can solve every dilemma. But in reality, you cannot solve every dilemma that comes your way. This is because some things are out of your control. What you should do instead is to take control of the situations at hand. This is the way to be free from the results of anger.

    There is need for you to take hold of yourself when you are angry. You can do this through communication. Beneficial communication will help you to listen well to others as well as think constructively.

    You can productively tackle your anger when you take it easy. Try to relax your whole body. The choice to get angry or not relies on you. When you take it easy, you will be able to think about the effects of your action or words before becoming angry.

    While it is acceptable for you to be angry, it becomes unsafe to you and others when you cannot prohibit it. The best way to tackle this is to divert all your anger into more productive activities.

    There is a predisposition to lose control of yourself when you are angry. When this occurs, you are no longer in control of what you say or do at that moment. You may regret your sayings and actions when everything settles.

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    Myths and Realities about Anger..

    Anger is not a pleasant creation but a moment of pain and suffering at a mental/emotional level. We are in fact inflicting that pain on ourselves. So,why do we do it? There are some false beliefs about anger that we have acquired, due to which we succumb to the habit repeatedly.

    I do not get angry; actions of others make me so

    Truth: At all times, and in all places you are the creator of your thoughts and feelings and 100% responsible for what you think and feel. Transformational Tip: The practice of meditation makes you a selfsovereign soul, the ruler of your mind, intellect and thoughts.

    Anger gives me energy

    Truth: When you become angry it can seem to give you a surge of positive energy, which temporarily heightens your attention. But over time it results in mental and emotional exhaustion and will end in burnout. Transformational Tip: Each time you become angry visualize a white sail on a calm sea and a gentle, cool, breeze blowing against your face

    I need to use anger to motivate others.

    Truth: This is never a good idea as people soon become resentful and distance themselves. Trust and respect are never built by anger. Anger kills motivation and leadership qualities within oneself. Transformational Tip: Practice acceptance of others as they are and respect others regardless of what they do.

    Anger is a natural ‘healthy’ response to people’s behavior.

    Truth: This is a way of avoiding the danger of being labelled ‘unnatural’. By maintaining this belief, you conveniently avoid the inner work of changing a deep habit. Transformational Tip: Meditation enables you to remain benevolent towards what and who you see, no matter what they appear to have done.

    No choice but to get angry.

    Truth: You don’t know how to understand your feelings, especially when something happens that you do not like. Transformational Tip: Increase your self-awareness e.g. relaxation or reflection. It makes you realize your beliefs

    Taken from The Times Of India dt 24th July 2009.


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