Congrats Nuggehalli Pankaja!

Discussion in 'IL'ite Wishes' started by Sharada, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Know not what to say!

    My very dear indusladies,

    Believe me, till this morning, I was completely

    ignorant of my sudden fame in this site! Only when

    Sharada rang up asking me as to why I had not

    reponded to such beautiful words of joy pouring forth,

    did I become aware......opened the site, Oh God!

    Is it really about me? I am no Devi, I assure

    you, it is perhaps the ambience created by 'Krishnarjuna'

    (Award of 'Bhagavadgita ' beside which I am standing),

    that has permeated the photo! There are many more

    achievers, but I have been 'The chosen one' by my

    Boswells- Ambika and Sharada. God has really

    bestowed a wonderful gift by giving me those two

    unique girls(For me they are girls) as close friends, and

    now, you all- a lovely lot! I cannot thank God enough.!
    I hope to justify your accolades by working harder.

    Thank you all very very much

    Nuggehalli Pankaja

    P.S. How come our popular Mr.Induslady 's voice

    was missing--here?
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    Long Live Pankaja!

    Dear Pankaja,
    May you live long and attain greater and greater levels of glory. I thought this was the thread I had already participated. (Please see Page 1 of this thread). I saw Ambika's article and photo and mailed to you a few days ago. Honestly I did not want to cloy you with repeated words of my praise. In fact Chitra forwarded the links to me. I told her that I was the first to post in this thread.
    I am the first fan of Pankaja (leader of the All India Pankaja Fans Association - Mens Wing; for womens wing there are your girls, Ambika and Sharada)
    In a thread dedicated to praising you, you have praised me as Mr.Induslady. That to me is a great compliment.
    I am invoking the presiding deity of our ancient town, Madurai, Goddess Meenakshi to shower her choicest blessings on you and give you good health, peace, prosperity, happiness and fulfilment for all time to come.

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