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Comprehensive Tour Package From Bay Area To Newyork Niagra For My Dad Coming From India

Discussion in 'Indians in California' started by Aadhira, May 23, 2016.

  1. Aadhira

    Aadhira New IL'ite

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    Hi all

    I'm new to IL and this is my first post ..

    My dad is coming to USA (california) from India for the first time and I'm planning to send him in a comprehensive tour packagefrom bay area to newyork and niagara which includes flight, sight seeing and hotels.. Like a guided tour...

    I already gooogled and all I found was package tours from newyork, they ask us to arrange book the flights ourselves.. Since meand my husband would not be able to accompany him for this tour, and this is the first time he is coming to India, I prefer acomprehensive package which will be more convenient.. preferably run by desis so that he gets desi food and company too..

    Any pointers will be greatly appreciated..

    Many thanks

  2. Rihana

    Rihana Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    The package tours are always like that - you are responsible for reaching the starting point, and for departing from the ending point. Sometimes starting point and ending point are same.

    If you can find a direct flight to NYC, your dad should be able to manage that? Then, most package tours include pickup and drop-off from airport. Most Indians, I have heard, take the tours operated by Chinese operators. taketours.com and getbustours.com being most commonly used.

    No first-hand experience.

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